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Jack Stafford

There is nothing but good that I can say about the service and treatment I received at the BodyWorks Clinic. Everybody was so helpful. The diagnosis was far more detailed and helpful than those I received from the two surgeons that I have attended in the past. Estelle approached the problem from a different viewpoint to either of them, encouraging me to work on my problem rather then cut it away.

I was sceptical about the treatment, as we are with something we don’t understand, but I can honestly say that I have gone from being in constant pain and on anti-inflammatory tablets, to being practically pain free.

I have cancelled my knee replacement surgery, booked for October. I would recommend this clinic to anybody with knee problems who is considering surgery.

The pain is much better now.

Summer has been fine, I trained well. The therapy obviously had effect. I felt that the therapy smoothed the joint and capsule. I feel more well. I was extremely sensitive to physical exercise the first time, as you said. I have been stronger. I am walking better and much more straight. Now I am a little worse again, a little too much physical activity during the summer!

My conclusion: effective therapy.

Dr S


Before MRT, I was in a lot of pain in my back and hip. Estelle recommended MRT because I was taking the maximum amount of painkillers and even then, I was in pain. I thought I would have to live in pain forever but within a few weeks I was pain free.

It was like a miracle treatment for me, and I’m so happy I tried it. The pain has never returned. My husband says it is wonderful as he “has his wife back”. God bless Estelle for curing me, she’s only little but blimey she’s good!



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