Acupuncture for cancer patients at Bodyworks Marbella

Acupuncture to Support Cancer Patients

We are proud to announce that our fabulous acupuncturist Rebecca is now qualified to support patients with cancer with acupuncture

Now many of the individual aspects and symptoms that are specific to those patients with cancer are generally and widely supported by acupuncture. But, of course, both cancer itself and the treatments associated with treating it, can have quite specific implications that require very careful consideration.

Now I want to make it really clear that acupuncture does NOT treat or cure cancer. But what it can do is help to relieve some of the side effects and symptoms that can make the battle with cancer so incredibly hard. The symptoms that can make the day to day seem like a constant struggle.

Symptoms acupuncture can help with

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Poor Sleep
  • Digestive issues
  • Pain – in it’s many and varied forms
  • Breathlessness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flushes and sweats
  • Overall emotional and mental health

When can I have acupuncture?

Because acupuncture is to help manage symptoms rather than actively treat cancer, you can use it at any stage in the treatment process, including during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, while taking follow up medication and prior to confirmation of remission.

What is involved?

During the appointment with Rebecca she will take a detailed medical history so that she understands your specific situation right now and then she will make you comfortable on the treatment bed or chair.

Acupuncture uses teeny, tiny needles applied to very specific spots. And Rebecca applies them so well that you may not even notice the insertion, just the effects as she “hits the spot”.

During her training Rebecca has also been working with cancer charities both in Gibraltar and the UK to gain experience and perspective about the reality for patients. This gives her a greater understanding of what her patients need and she can incorporate elements of reflexology, acupressure or gentle massage to help increase the efficacy of her treatments.

We always emphasise how important it is to treat the human being sat in front of us rather than a “condition” or “scan result” and never is this more important than during this difficult time.

The science part

If you want to know more about the clinical trials that have been done on the effectiveness of acupuncture for specific symptoms then I highly recommend this article – The Value of Acupuncture in Cancer Care. It reviews a wide variety of articles, studies and RCTs done on acupuncture specifically to help with symptoms of cancer patients.

This article, from breastcancer.org also discusses specific trials and studies for specific symptoms.

What to do now

If you are based near Bodyworks and want support during or after treatment for cancer then you can go right ahead and book an appointment with Rebecca.

These treatments are also included as part of our Membership program.

You can also book a free 15 minute telephone consultation to have your specific questions answered prior to starting treatment.

If you aren’t based here than please be aware that Rebecca also practices in Gibraltar and the UK on select dates.

And whoever you use please always make sure they are specifically qualified to treat cancer patients as it IS different and some of the “usual” points and methods are not advised for patients at certain points during and after treatment.

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