Alfonso Sanchez from Sontec welcomes patients at Bodyworks

Audiology at Bodyworks – introducing Alfonso from Sontec

This is one of those – good news / bad news situations!

Bad news first – Peter Ormrod, our audiologist of the last decade (maybe more?!) is returning to the UK. His daughter, Joma, has built their UK business into such a thriving concern that he is returning to support her full time! This is obviously wonderful news for them and we are so happy for them!

But never fear – Alfonso is here!

This is the good news!

Alfonso Sanchez

Alfonso has been running his lovely Sontec clinic in Fuengirola for . . . I’m not sure but he seems to have been mentioned to me for as least as long as I’ve been here (20 years!). And, of course, Alfonso speaks perfect English.

Alfonso will continue to care for Peter’s patients and new patients either here at Bodyworks, his clinic in Fuengirola or your own home, whichever is most suitable for you.

If you contact Emmie on 952 883 151 or [email protected] or send a WhatsApp to 699703936 she will arrange the appointment location and time that suits you best.

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