Health Insurance Consultation at Bodyworks

Bodyworks and Health Insurance

As many of you will know, because we’re quite upfront about it, here at Bodyworks we don’t deal directly with health insurance companies. Never have done.

Now that doesn’t mean that our treatments aren’t covered for many of our patients, just that you pay us and the health insurance company pays you.

But the times they are a-changing! We’re not there yet BUT with the help of our new partner, Sonia Fendley of STM Nummos Life, we are hoping to be able to deal directly with some of the insurance companies to make your life easier.

About your paperwork

Sonia is also going to run a health insurance “clinic” the first Monday of every month here at Bodyworks.

These FREE appointments are to help you either find a health insurance policy that’s right for you and your family, understand or amend the policy you already have OR to untangle the inevitable paperwork that goes with making a claim!

I’ll be honest, I have the first appointment to untangle some paperwork of my own.

Making life easier

We are so thrilled that Sonia is joining our growing team. Hopefully this will mean that we can increase the support we offer our patients and also that you can make better use of that policy that comes out by direct debit each month.

You can book your free appointment here:

Or you can call us on 952 883 151 or email us to arrange it – [email protected]  

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