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Collaboration at Bodyworks

Since moving to our new location at La Colonia you might have noticed that there are all kinds of new services and people at Bodyworks. And some of those might seem quite different to our traditional physiotherapy.

So as Facebook and all the other social media and networks makes it a bit confusing I thought I should take 5 mintues to explain to you what we’re doing.

Core Team

So our core services, the stuff you’ve known me do and talk about for the last 12 years (I know!) hasn’t changed. I’m still a physiotherapist. I’m still broadly against harsh medication and surgical intervention if there is any other option at all.

And I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet some wonderful practitioners who share my outlook and offer complementary approaches which makes it easier for our patients to find the right route forward for them.

And we have formed strong relationships with them and you can find out more about them and their services on our website.

Starting from scratch

But I also remember how hard it is when you first arrive on the coast. Trying to find premises. Sorting out the mountain of paperwork. And trying to stick it out long enough to build a reputation that people can trust.

So, with our fabulous location we decided that we should share and support other practitioners. Become a kind of health based co work space.

So this means you might see all kinds of different people using our clinic as a location for an event or treatment.

People who might surprise you.

People who are starting out, getting set up, finding their feet.

People who are still based in other countries and only need a part time location.

You can find out more about working with us by contacting [email protected] or our Working with us page.

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