Colonic Hydrotherapy – pre-cleanse tips and advice

In my experience the average person can hold anything from 2-10 lbs / 1-4kgs of impacted faeces in their colon/ large intestine.

The tips below will aid in the breakdown of the old faeces allowing for a much deeper cleanse and release during your colonic irrigation treatment. This combination of dietary tips, supplements and colon hydrotherapy work synergistically to give superior results.

Your therapist will know how many treatments to recommend by the end of your
initial treatment. Most clients do benefit from 2 treatments however, everyone is different. Treatments will generally be about 7 days apart.


Eat little and often.
It is very difficult to digest large meals, plus eating every 3-4 hours helps to balance blood sugar levels and also reduces the tendency to overeat.

Chew your food.
Digestion begins in the mouth; chewing your food well will take the added pressure off the intestines. This will also prevent large particles of food and air from going down!

Take time & get organised.
Organise yourself, stock your cupboard, your work desk, your car & your bag… with plenty of “good foods/ snacks”, take the stress away and bring left over dinners in for your lunch.

Manage withdrawal symptoms.
Give up or reduce caffeine and sugar gradually or you may experience withdrawal symptoms i.e. headaches, low mood, fatigue…

SUPPLEMENTS (Try to start these about 1wk before your treatment)

Lepicol or Psyllium Husks
Start with half a teaspoon and increase to 2 teaspoon’s daily (ideally 30mins before breakfast). Mix in water and drink quickly otherwise it can turn to jelly!
This is a bulker, it acts like a ‘broom’ in the intestines gathering and mopping up mucous and old faecal matter in the larges intestine.

** It is imperative that you’re hydrated before starting this and that you’re drinking 2 litres of water per day whilst on it in order for it to take effect otherwise it will dry you out!
If you’re struggling to drink it, mix it in with a little tub of natural yogurt or your porridge. It will make it much thicker.
** Alternatively soak 2-3 Tablespoons of Whole ChiaSeeds in a little water overnight and drink the mixture in the morning, this will also act like a broom!

Magnesium Malate or Magnesium Glycinate
(Take up to 5mgs per lb / 1/2kg of your body weight).
Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral and also helps with metabolism, bone formation, liver detoxification and aids sleep.
Society is more stressful than ever now and most people are low in this mineral.
Constipation is always partly due to magnesium deficiency which results in bowel spasms. This will help the bowel to relax, open up and allow the stool to pass through with ease.
Magnesium Malate is best taken in the morning as it energises the body.
Magnesium Glycinate is best taken in the evening as it aids sleep.

Saccharomyces Boulardii and Lactobacillus Acidophilus are key in balancing gut flora (friendly bacteria).
Good bacteria or probiotics keep the environment of the colon slightly acidic and discourage the growth of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria. Probiotics are strongly indicated where there is bloating and flatulence after meals along with a good digestive enzyme supplement.
Probiotics also produce short chain fatty acids or SCFA’s, which help to regenerate the walls of the colon and thus keep it healthy and happy!
If you suffer with symptoms of thrush/ candida you would benefit from the Saccharomyces Boulardii before your treatment.


The body consists of 70-80% water. It is essential for life.
Aim for 2 litres per day (all herbal teas’ except ‘Green Tea’ will count). Try Rooibus, Nettle, Dandelion, Lemon, Fennel, Ginger, even hot water will suffice…
Wake up your digestion with a glass of warm water & lemon first thing in the morning to kick-start your system. This causes bile to flow, which detoxifies the liver and acts as a natural laxative for the bowel. If you can’t handle the lemon just do the hot water!

Together with water is one of the most important dietary components for a fully functioning digestive system.
Fibre is best taken in the form of vegetables and whole fruits as they also contain water which aids their transit through the digestive tract.
Whole grains, beans & pulses should be soaked for 12 hours before being consumed. These are quite hard to digest for some so make sure to ease them in.
Seeds & nuts should always be ground-up or soaked before eaten.

Veg Veg Veg……
The easiest way to get a variety of vegetables into your diet is stir-fry’s or roasted veg. Do not overcook them. If they are soft you’ve killed them!
Green’s are best however try to eat all the colours of the rainbow.
Ginger and fennel are great additions for digestive health benefits.

Fresh Juices & Smoothies
Juices are full of valuable nutrients. However, there is no pulp (fibre) in juices so bulk them up into a smoothie consistence with Chia Seeds, Avocado & Spinach. Vegetable juices are best, limit fruits. An apple or berries can be used to sweeten.
Always wash your fruits and vegetables to remove waxes, bacteria and chemical residues. Soaking in Cider Vinegar or Bicarbonate of Soda helps clean them.
*Juice fasts are not recommended before Colon Hydrotherapy unless you are taking Lepicol or Psyllium Husks in addition (contact Lisa for more information if this is something you wish to do).

Should only be consumed on an empty stomach. Apples, berries, pineapple, papaya are gentler on the system. All other fruits can cause fermentation in the gut, generating gas which makes the treatment more uncomfortable. If you suffer with a lot of gas limit your fruit intake.


Mainly cow’s milk, cows’ cheese and cream.
Due to a ‘sticky’ protein called casein dairy is the most mucus forming food, eating it leads to sinus congestion, lung congestion and sticky constipated stools.
Lactose (milk sugar) is the most common food allergen, 75% of the population are estimated to be Lactose intolerant. Substitute with a good unsweetened rice milk, oat milk, almond or coconut milk.

Refined Carb/ Grains
Wheat is the highest gluten containing grain; this sticky substance irritates the intestinal villi which can then block/ impair the absorption of food.
Avoid bread, pasta, cakes/ baked goods made from wheat. If you need bread replace wheat based breads with a good brown sourdough rye or spelt bread.
If you need pasta aim for Buckwheat or Brown rice pastas.
For main meals try blended up broccoli or cauliflower rice as your base.
Add seasoning to flavour.
Or, use brown rice, quinoa, millet or buckwheat.
Wholegrains, beans & pulses should be soaked for 12 hours/ overnight before being cooked & consumed. These are quite hard to digest for some so make sure to ease them in.
Seeds & nuts should always be ground-up or soaked before eaten.

Say NO To Sugar
Sugar completely messes up energy levels and digestion. It causes Inflammation in the body! It should not be consumed. It feeds yeast which is a decomposer of human cells. If a substitute is needed use 100% Organic Raw Honey, Maple syrup or 100% Stevia

Coffee & Stimulant Drinks
These raise cortisol levels and causes blood sugar levels to peek and dip (a stressor). This can lead to sugar cravings, try to cut down or limit to once a week.

Counterproductive to detoxification! Avoid while having hydrotherapy

Animal Proteins
Fish and chicken are the easiest to digest. Try to have organic as non-organic contains high levels of Estrogen and chemicals.
Red meats should be limited if not avoided whilst detoxing as it is harsh on the digestive system.

Common Side Effects:

  • It is common to experience changes in bowel frequency and increased flatulence.
  • This is normal as old trapped gas pockets are being released. It is important to follow aftercare.
  • Most feel quite relaxed/ spacey so its nice to relax afterwards. Try to avoid stressors and exercise.
  • Your therapist will give you aftercare advice at the end of your treatment.
  • Most people feel very relaxed, occasionally quite tired and may need to go to bed early.
  • Some can feel quite emotional or experience low mood afterwards.
  • These are all common symptoms. Most experience a great nights sleep afterwards.
  • Occasional ‘detox’ headaches can occur due to caffeine and sugar withdrawal, however this will soon lift.
  • Please contact your therapist if you are having problems coping with your symptoms.