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Enemas vs colonic hydrotherapy vs Colemas

I’m handing over the writing to Lisa today, our Digestive Health Expert as she addresses a common question. Take it away, Lisa!

I get asked this question with regularity and so I thought I would just put it out there as to what the big differences are.

Professional colonics differ quite a lot from colemas and other enemas. A Colema is a milder yet harsher form of cleaning the colon.

I want to be alone?

The first big difference is that a Colema or enema treatment is usually self-administered. So it’s just you, in a room, juggling bags and water and your own comfort.

Whereas, during a colonic hydrotherapy treatment you have a trained therapist in the room managing the process and helping you. (Ideally they’re also professionally accredited!). This means the water temperature, quantity and flow rate can be altered to suit your exact needs.

Your therapist will also offer abdominal massage to help the water reach the entire colon and make the process more comfortable – reducing cramping and discomfort.

The entire system

There’s also the question of efficacy.

To clear the entire colon you might need 4 or 5 Colema’s administered in a short space of time. For most it will usually just clean the area of the descending and sigmoid colon.

A colonic hydrotherapy system will usually require 1 treatment to clear the entire colon/large intestine. Especially if you’ve followed my pre-cleanse advice!

For those patients with a long history, a second might be needed in 1-2 weeks. Otherwise I’m hoping not to see you for 3-6 months!

There’s also the specific mechanics of the systems, a colema’s bucket holds a fixed amount of water and when the water is finished, the treatment would be over. In a professional colonic hydrotherapy treatment the water quantity can be tailored to the patient and the treatment is determined by how much waste is still being released. Making it much more flexible and helpful in reaching your goals

Comfortable waste disposal

The major difference is the way in which the waste is expelled. With a professional colonic hydrotherapy treatment, there is no mess or smell. With a colema there is a significant mess and smell

With a professional colonic hydrotherapy system, everything is enclosed so, the waste is channelled out through a small disposable speculum and down a tube

A Colema is an open system so, the waste is forced out by the rectum around the tube which is inserted into the rectum.

Because the waste is being forced out around the rectal tube (open system), there can be an overwhelming feeling of panic in the rectum and this can cause strain on the rectal area. This strain can encourage the formation of haemorrhoids. Without a “clear channel” for the waste to be expelled colemas can be significantly more crampy and uncomfortable than a professional colonic, this means the user tends to cut the session short, reducing the efficacy even further.

Cleanliness is next to . . .

A good Colon Hydrotherapist will always use disposable equipment for each client. Water is specially filtered, tanks and all other equipment is sterilised. With my previous training as a nurse you can imagine the high standards I have for hygiene!

In my honest opinion a colema board could never be clean enough to reuse!


A Colema or self-administered enema will help clear the lower colon but can be messy and uncomfortable.

A colonic hydrotherapy treatment with a professional therapist has no mess or smells and is also more effective, resulting in less treatments being required for a better effect.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, you can always message us to ask any questions that you have.

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