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The Euro Weekly Introduces Dr Jyri Lepistö

A lovely full page spread from our long time colleagues at The Euro Weekly News – Costa del Sol to introduce my new colleague – Dr Jyri Lepistö. 

Innovative, Integrated Surgery – Dr Jyri Lepistö

Many Euro Weekly readers will be familiar with our long time collaborator, Estelle Mitchell, Clinical Director of the Bodyworks Clinic.

However, there is now a new member of the team, Dr Jyri Lepistö, Orthopaedic Consultant.

For those that know Estelle this is a bit of a surprise given her vocal support of non-surgical options.

I went to meet Estelle and Dr Lepistö to find out what prompted this new alliance.

Estelle, Bodyworks has always taken a non-surgical approach to treatment, so what has changed?

Nothing has changed! There are 2 reasons I have worked the way I have at Bodyworks for the last 12 years:

  1. I have always believed that surgery should be the last
  2. I only work with people I trust.

My patients are very important to me, I won’t recommend anyone I don’t feel 110% comfortable with. That makes for a small pool of colleagues that it takes time to get to know.

Over the last 12 years I have strived to offer a wide range of non-surgical alternatives because that’s what I can do. But I would like to think I am also known for my honesty and my focus is on getting patients better – in the most effective way possible.

And sometimes surgery IS the best, most effective route forward.

So I am pleased to welcome Dr Jyri Lepistö, Orthopaedic Consultant to the Bodyworks.

Dr Lepistö, Estelle describes you as not being a “typical” surgeon. What makes you different?

Well I am not sure I know a “typical” surgeon, but I think one of the key things that makes my approach different is that I don’t think surgery is the only option.

I spent 15 years working in Finland in specialist orthopaedic hospitals, the hospitals where they sent the patients no one else could fix. This has given me a broad range of experience but also allowed me to specialise in some very demanding techniques.

However, no matter how technically perfect the surgery is there are always differences in how patients respond. It was my curiosity about these differences that led me to really think about how we treat patients.

This led me to an approach from the USA called Functional Medicine and I have found, over the last 5 years of private practice, that this mindset gives me the tools to identify those things that might reduce recovery and address them early on, working with my patient to get the best outcome.

So you’re saying that this approach makes surgery MORE successful?

I’m saying that we can make sure that all the extra factors that might prevent a good response can be addressed and reduced.

So we make sure the patient is in the best place before we even enter the theatre.

So what are the factors that make surgery more successful?

Well the first one is making sure that we are operating on the correct place and using the correct procedure! It sounds obvious doesn’t it? But if you rely only on a 5 minute consultation you can miss things.

Joints work together, so sometimes the pain is referred from a different joint or part of a bigger picture. Taking the time to do a proper assessment, to talk to and look at the person in front of you means things aren’t missed.

Without this you end up in a situation where an operation has been done and the patient doesn’t feel any better because they didn’t have the right surgery!

Then it is the care before surgery that makes the difference?

Yes, taking the time before surgery does make a big difference. But the care after surgery is also critical.

And that’s a big part of the reason why I am working at Bodyworks, I understand the difference that good rehabilitation can make. Working with Estelle I know that I can rely on her to support my patients after surgery and maintain the high standards I am used to.

And what brings you to Spain?               

Sunshine and golf! My wife and I have split our time between Finland and Spain for some time now, but we are looking forward to more time here.

We are very fortunate that our golf instructor has also moved to the Costa del Sol a little while ago so we are going to continue to work on our game. Although I don’t know how much time we will have, my wife works with me as my nurse so she will be as busy as I am.

You are so passionate and excited about your work I’m not sure whether to hope you have enough time to play golf or not!

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