Food Intolerance Test at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Food Intolerance Testing Special Offer

UPDATE – due to the high level of demand Lisa has extended the offer until 31 August 2020!

Lisa is SO excited about this! For the last couple of months she’s been raving about this fabulous food intolerance test on offer in the UK and has been desperately trying to figure out how she can offer it to her patients here in Spain.

Fortunately she’s had a bit of time on her hands lately to pester them and find a solution!

Which means that we are delighted to announce that we can now offer food intolerance testing in the clinic (previously we had to send you down the road to Labaratorio Becerra).

With a single finger prick Lisa can test your immune reaction to over 200 different foods. Which means if there’s something troubling your system – it’s probably on that list!

As a trained nurse Lisa makes the initial finger pricking part look like a doddle (I’ve tried and tried and I STILL can’t do it that quickly and painlessly!) and she’ll take a few details from you at the same time.

Then we get the results back (usually about 10 days – the spanish post ponies aren’t as quick as others!) and Lisa will then take the time, in person or over video or telephone, to go through them with you, line by line, and discuss how to manage it, especially here in Spain where food is, literally, another language!

And the news gets even better – for the first day of availability Lisa is offering an amazing 50€ off the test package!

That’s right – for 7 lucky patients who come for their appointment on Thursday 16 July – they will pay just 230€!

So if you would like to book your appointment for this AMAZING introductory offer then get in touch with Emmie ASAP! There are only 7 slots available and once they are booked . . . .

Thursday 16 July

7 patients

Save 50€ on the most comprehensive food intolerance test in the UK.

Including your review appointment with Lisa, our naturopathic nutritionist, nurse and Digestive Health Expert.

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WhatsApp – 699703936

Call us on 952 883 151

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