Full Body Screening

If only bodies were as easy as cars to look after. When there is a problem in the car a light appears on the dashboard telling you which system is faulty. Then we can take it to the garage where the mechanic will fix the problem. Even if there are no warning lights we still take it for an annual service.

Now at Bodyworks we have developed an easy way to do the same for your body. A simple, painless review of all your body’s major systems to check there are no warning lights without invasive procedure or radiation.

Full body Screening Marbella

Using thermal imaging we can review your body from top to toe looking for issues and problems in major organs, muscles, nerves and arteries. Combining this with other non invasive testing procedures, we can give you a full and clear picture of your body. This can highlight any issues at a very early stage making any further treatment easier and more effective.

Many of the current tests to assess organ health are invasive and uncomfortable. MRI scans can often make people feel claustrophobic, CT scans have very high levels of radiation, colonoscopies are uncomfortable and difficult . . . . The list goes on. If you have some concerns these have been the only options offered. Which for minor issues or early stage problems are uncomfortable, expensive and potentially risky. Thermal imaging can detect organ dysfunction without any invasive tests, therefore if there is no serious issue you can avoid further, unnecessary testing procedures.

Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI scans give wonderful detail when you are looking at a small area. They give feedback on muscles, bones and other tissues. However if the area examined is not the area that is causing the problem you will not get clear answers. A common example of this is kidney problems causing back pain. As a patient it can be difficult to “feel” the difference, however a thermal imaging test can quickly and easily determine the true cause of the problem as it images a much larger area. So you get the appropriate treatment straight away.

Heart and Circulation

This includes early stroke indicators as well as overall heart health to give you a clear picture of any potential heart problems from a very early stage, allowing you to prevent more serious problems.

Lung health

Early indicators of respiratory conditions or other lung issues. This is also a very easy way to monitor your body’s recovery after you have stopped smoking.

Joint, Muscle and Nerve Pain

Problems from nerves can be particularly difficult to diagnose using other tests and to treat effectively. The pain often moves around the body and doesn’t appear to have a consistent or obvious trigger. Thermal imaging can help determine the true cause of this discomfort. By looking at the entire body we can also help to understand if the true cause of your pain is coming from elsewhere in the body. This makes treatment more effective and eases your discomfort sooner

The digestive system

Bowel cancer is becoming far more common with one of the biggest issues being that by the time treatment is sought many patients have had the complaint for quite some time. People are often embarrassed by the symptoms and put off by the thought of uncomfortable and invasive tests. We offer an easy and painless alternative. Thermal imaging is a physiological test. This means that where an MRI, CT scan or X ray looks for a physical object, thermal imaging looks at activity levels within the body. Therefore conditions such as IBS which have no single structural cause can be assessed looking for physiological activity. This information can allow you to get help quickly and easily.

The Immune system

This is linked to a range of issues from diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia as well as hormonal health and thyroid issues. All of these can be assessed to give more information on some of those more complex symptoms such as low energy levels, tiredness and other body changes. Thermal imaging is also helpful in the management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Post operative healing

As thermal imaging is painless, non invasive and presents no risk to the patient it is very useful for monitoring progress after operations. Where other tests rely on contact or radioactivity, thermal imaging doesn’t and is therefore safe for all patients no matter how tender the area or how soon after a procedure.

Ongoing monitoring

With no radiation or other harmful effects we can monitor progress through a course of treatment or the effects of any lifestyle changes or medication. This is also especially useful in monitoring how effective medication is through a course of treatment. This includes monitoring during chemo and radiotherapy.

Breast Screening

Thermal Breast Screening Marbella

Mammograms, MRI scans and Ultrasound are all structural tests, this means that an object must be large enough to show up. This means that a tumor has usually been growing for approx 5 years. Because Thermal imaging looks at physiological changes this can allow us to detect changes much earlier. And without pain or radiation.

A clear Overview

All of these major systems will be reviewed to give you a full and clear picture of your health easily, quickly and painlessly.

You receive a full copy of all your results in a clear and easy to understand format, written by Specialist Doctors based in the US. Our experienced practitioners will review this with you to make sure you understand the results and answer any questions you may have.

Again and again we have stressed the importance of early detection of any health issues. The earlier problems are detected the easier and more successful any treatment will be. All the tests used in the Full Body Check Up look for early warning signs to allow you to make easy changes keeping you healthy for longer.

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2020 Update!!!

In conjunction with our neighbours Laborotoria Becerra, we can now combine their detailed blood analysis with our Full Body Check Up to include:

  • Detailed Blood Health Analysis
  • Thyroid Function
  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies
  • Liver Function
  • Heart Function
  • AND Prostate and Breast Cancer Indicators
  • Food Intolerance Testing

In conjunction with the detailed information we already gain from our imaging we can now provide a truly comprehensive report on your overall body and health.

Additional costs may apply


  • Richard Barber

    April 28, 2014, 3:23 pm

    Please advice on cost of MRI scan for Achilles tendon on one leg. Thank you

    • Estelle Mitchell

      April 29, 2014, 5:38 pm

      Hi Richard, as it explains in the article we don’t do MRI scanning here at the clinic. We can help you arrange it if that is what is required. Perhaps it would be best to give me a call at the clinic and then I can help make sure you get the right thing? Thanks, Estelle