Health Insurance Support

Health Insurance is a tricky and emotive subject.

Necessary for new Residencia applications, literally life saving on occasion, feeling like a pointless expense at other times and always a paperwork juggle.

That’s a lot of negativity for something that can make such a difference.

For many people the key reasons health insurance isn’t supporting them as it should boils down to two reasons:

  1. No one took the time to find out which policy you actually need (and explain it to you!)
  2. When the health crisis hits no one is supporting you through the inevitable paperwork (possibly in a foreign language!)

STM Nummos Life with Sonia Fendley at BodyworksExpert Help

At Bodyworks we focus on experts in their specialty helping you feel better. And that includes all the “real life” work that goes around that.

Why should health insurance (aka paying the bills) be any different?

On the 1st Monday of each month Sonia Fendly, expert in private health insurance with over 30 years experience, runs a free consultation service at Bodyworks.

You can make an appointment (or just drop in) and speak to her about all your health insurance questions. From choosing the right policy up front to working through the paperwork tangles for an existing claim for no additional cost. For Sonia and her team you are an individual, a real person not a “policy number”.

Make your health insurance policy work for you.

Book your free consultation

Call us on 952 883 151 or email us [email protected]

Sonia Fendley - STM Nummos Life - Health Insurance Advice at BodyworksSonia Fendley

Sonia Fendley is the director at STM Nummos Life SL and specialises in the private medical insurance sector.

Spanish born but raised in London, Sonia is bilingual and has over 30 years’ experience.

Based in the Sotogrande office in Cadiz, Spain and Bodyworks in Marbella, Sonia is committed to helping expats find the perfect solution to their healthcare needs providing a personalised service for Bupa Global, Cigna International, ALC Health and Sanitas members.

STM Nummos Life SL is part of STM Group Plc, an independent financial services company listed on the London Stock Exchange. They are intermediaries for Bupa Global, Cigna International, ALC Health and Sanitas and  are registered with the DGSFP – AJ0036 (the regulatory body for insurance and pension schemes) in Madrid