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HealthMe – Membership Benefits

One of the services that we are most excited about being able to offer to our members comes from our collaboration with HealthMe.es

Over the last 15 years we have seen and heard many first hand experiences from our patients about accessing healthcare on the Costa del Sol.

We’ve heard the combinations of praise for high quality services and care combined with the frustrations.

And we’ve always tried our best to support and help our patients as much as possible. Finding the specialists who speak English to support our patients in their onward healthcare needs.

But the best care isn’t always from English speaking doctors and can be tricky to access via social security.

Professional, bilingual support

For these reasons we are thrilled to offer our members the support of HealthMe. Founded by bilingual Patricia, HealthMe helps you access healthcare.

From finding the right doctor for your condition to booking the appointment (or series of appointments!) all the way to accompanying you to the doctor’s appointment to translate, HealthMe makes your healthcare easy.

Members Services

So included in EVERY Bodyworks membership is unlimited booking support with HealthMe, that’s every kind of healthcare appointment booked and arranged on your behalf.

No more concern whether the receptionist of your English speaking consultant speaks English, or whether you booked the closest healthcare centre for your blood test. HealthMe will help with all of it.

HealthMe can also ensure that you find the best specialist for your specific condition in the hospital or clinic that’s right for you.

Translation too

Our Members can also book an hour of in appointment translation support through our online booking service as part of our member services.

So if you have to attend a new doctor and have a list of complicated questions you want to be sure you have the answers to – book HealthMe.

Perhaps your doctor has recommended a particular treatment and you want to better understand the process – book HealthMe.

Perhaps a member of your family has to attend a doctor here and are concerned – book HealthMe.

Don’t Miss out

Call us on 952 883 151 or email us reception@theBodyworksClinic.com

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