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We are incredibly proud of our success rate. But don’t take our word for it, here are a few words direct from our patients. And you can always check our blog for the latest testimonials and news.

At the time of writing  I can state that my left wrist is improving and I  walk pain free. My conclusion is that MRT at the onset of osteoarthritis halts its progress. The success of MRT in my case can be attributed to an initial thorough examination by Estelle Mitchell, MRT sessions, personalised orthotics, daily exercises and not giving up when it all seemed a waste of time on the bad days. A sincere  thank you to Estelle and all the people at the Bodyworks Clinic.

Joe O’Mahoney

A week ago I injured my right leg playing football and suffered a muscle tear, the pain was terrible. As I was getting married in a few days I decided to go and see Estelle. The professionalism and tenderness with which Estelle treats her patients as well as the latest machinery and years of experience have made the recovery more rapid and satisfactory for me. So thanks to her I can walk down the aisle without crutches or wheelchair. Thank you for everything Estelle !!!


San Pedro de Alcantara

2 arthroscopic operations in my early 40s failed and 20 years of taking painkillers so that I could still play sport was taking its toll.
Within just 7 days of treatment on the MRT machine and the infamous ‘knee stretcher’, I was able to go downstairs without pain. It’s hard to explain the feeling of being pain free for the first time in over 20 years….at the age of 61!
I’m back to playing tennis 3-4 times a week and, most importantly, I’m back on the water…….kitesurfing!
Thanks Estelle

Peter Ormrod


2013/4 was not a good year injury wise for me……..last summer I had a bad accident kitesurfing and tore my short head of biceps completely from my shoulder leaving me with a ‘monocep’ !!
After treatment on the MRT machine and a bit of rehab I have full use of the arm again but……..with less aches and pain than I had before the accident!! I don’t begin to know how the MRT machine works (and I’ve read a number of medical papers on it!!) I can only tell you of its success with my chronic knee problem and my acute shoulder injury.

Peter Ormrod


Last August I had a very painful shoulder which was diagnosed as Tendonitis. This was causing problems with driving, sleeping, everyday movement etc. I had 5 sessions of MRT. The therapy is totally painless. I saw a slight improvement after the 4th day and the tendonitis gradually improved over 2 months and I now have total recovery with 100% movement and no pain. I can thoroughly recommend MRT and Bodyworks Clinic. We are fortunate to have this 21st century technology on the Costa del Sol.



A quick note on the MRT – it has worked well for both of us. After about 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment the pain just fades away. We are recommending it to our friends but they don’t seem easily convinced when we explain how simple the whole process is. Fantastic piece of kit, thanks for making it available to us.

John and Barbara


Re my recent treatment on the MRT “MACHINE”. Thanks to the machine, I no longer suffer with any back pain and am able to play golf, my favourite pastime. My first treatment was at the end of July and thanks to the “MACHINE”, my back was pain free by the end of September, just 2 months from beginning to end.


El Rosario

After this recent cold weather I can report more on my hands. I have had no pain in my fingers even after playing golf on cold days. My fingers are not inflamed at the moment and have not been at all this winter. I feel as though the circulation has improved as my hands are not as cold as they used to be. Thanks for everything.



The pain is much better now. Summer has been fine, I trained well. The therapy obviously had effect. I felt that the therapy smoothed the joint and capsule. I feel more well. I was extremely sensitive to physical exercise the first time, as you said. I have been stronger. I am walking better and much more straight. Now I am a little worse again, a little too much physical activity during the summer!

My conclusion: effective therapy.

Dr S


Before MRT, I was in a lot of pain in my back and hip. Estelle recommended MRT because I was taking the maximum amount of painkillers and even then, I was in pain. I thought I would have to live in pain forever but within a few weeks I was pain free. It was like a  miracle treatment for me, and I’m so happy I tried it. The pain has never returned.

My husband says it is wonderful as he “has his wife back”. God bless Estelle for curing me, she’s only little but blimey she’s good!



I started my treatment on the Monday – and when you are lying there you do wonder if this is the right treatment as you do not feel anything. I went to New York for Christmas and I was still in a lot of pain but the pain started to go and by the second day there I was free of pain and walking about 3 miles a day.  It really did work on me and all I can say is thanks for giving me my life back without pain.

Thanks again.



Just a quick line to let you know I still have no pain in my back or leg. It is now 3 months since I first started my MRT treatment and I am still walking about a mile a day, something which never seemed possible before Christmas.

It took about 7 weeks before the pain started to go. It is remarkable what this type of treatment can do, it certainly worked for me.

It is the best thing I ever did.

Thanks once again Estelle



I had MBST treatment for my lumber spine. During the treatment I definitely felt my back improving. 2 weeks after treatment my Pilates teacher noticed my back was stronger. My husband said that I was much happier and less frazzled!  I was also feeling much taller.

3 weeks after treatment I was able to drive from Estepona town to Marbella, something that I had been unable to do for at least a year. 2 months after treatment I was able to drive for an hour and get out of the car without being stiff and walking stiffly.Now 3 months after treatment I’m very pleased with the result.



I had MBST treatment on my right knee. After the 3rd day I could definitely feel that the treatment was working. Going up and down stairs became easier even during the week of treatment. The week after treatment the knee was stronger and I had no pain. The 3rd week I was able to go up and down stairs without using the handrail. This was just fantastic as before I had to pull myself up the stairs.

Now 3 months since finishing the treatment I can go up and down stairs without pain, my knee feels much stronger.  I now do not look at stairs or steps as though they are Mount Everest, and asking “is there a lift or alternate route?” I am very pleased with the result.



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