How to make surgery more effective

How to make surgery more effective

I have been an orthopaedic surgeon in Finland for over 20 years. In that time I have worked in specialist orthopaedic hospitals treating patients that “others can’t fix”.

This broad range of experience in private and state hospitals and clinics has given me an opportunity to examine what makes the difference for my patients between “fine” and “excellent”.

I have found that using the principles of Functional Medicine have made a huge difference to my clinic and my patients’ success.

Focusing on the whole person.

You cannot treat a joint in isolation. Your ankle, knee, hip and lower back are all connected and they also work in partnership with the other leg! So pain can be referred from one joint to another.

Therefore a consultation takes more than 5 minutes.

We must choose the correct procedure for the correct joint. Hard to get a good outcome if you don’t start in the right place.

More than a scan

X-rays and MRI scans are very helpful. But they aren’t the whole story. And you need to be looking in the right place!

The Relationship between Doctor and Patient

Surgery is a serious option. You will have many questions and so will I!

For me that means giving you my undivided attention during your consultation. In fact, this is so important to me that I have my practice nurse sit in to take notes during our consultation.

Language is also key. I speak Finnish, English and Swedish but if I have a patient who isn’t confident in those languages I make sure I have a translator. This is important stuff and details matter!

Before and after surgery

A common complaint I hear is that people have surgery, a check a couple of weeks later and then . . . . . . nothing.

The work we do before AND after surgery is critical.

Working with Estelle I know I can be reassured that my patients are in the best hands throughout the process.

Dr Jyri Lepisto, Orthopaedic ConsultantDr Jyri Lepisto

Orthopaedic Consultant

Colegio No. 29/29/11425


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