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Maya Abdominal Massage – what it feels like

I always think that it is really quite tough being a modern patient. We have SO many treatment options that it can be hard to figure out which one is right for us.

We can (and do!) discuss all the options with you to make sure you are in the right place. But sometimes nothing beats knowing how it feels.

Fortunately our lovely patients happily volunteer to give their stories so you can be sure you’re making the right choice (you can read more here!).

Today we have the lovely M talking about receiving abdominal massage with Heather.

I have a long history of hormonal issues, not helped by some of the advice I’ve had from a variety of gynaecologists to be honest!

So, after finishing the latest batch of unhelpful “treatment”, in an effort to get my body back to something that feels normal (to me anyway) I decided to try Abdominal Massage with Heather at Bodyworks.

I was a bit cautious, a full 1 hour treatment of work just on my abdomen had me a bit concerned about how I would feel afterwards – it’s not an area that likes being prodded! But I decided to give it a try based on a recommendation and hoped it would make me feel more comfortable long term.

Meeting Heather

Heather was super, calm and reassuring as she showed me to her treatment room and explained how the treatment would work. Fortunately it wasn’t going to be a full 60 minutes of having my stomach prodded! First she was going to take some details, then do some work on my stomach before working on my back too (they’re connected!) and then she would teach me some work I could do myself to help me need less treatment.

We discussed my history and Heather explained how I might feel afterwards and what her aims would be during treatment so I knew what to expect.

Then she left the room so that I could get undressed and under the towel on the bed (it’s everything off except your knickers).

When she returned she made sure I was comfortable and then started work on my abdomen.

Surprisingly comfortable

I was really worried that it would make me feel sick or hurt. But while Heather’s touch was strong it wasn’t uncomfortable. There were brief moments when I felt . . . I’m not sure how to describe it, the shadow of a period cramp? And moments when my legs felt tingly as she released tension on my nerves and lymphatic system (I asked!). But nothing that made me feel sick or even wince, let alone ask her to stop. In fact, after the first few minutes it was actually quite pleasant and relaxing!

And throughout it all Heather explained what she was doing, why she was doing it and what was happening to me. I’m sure I could have lain there in silence but I found it fascinating.

Back too – we’re all connected!

Then she got me to turn over (all very discreetly handled once again!) and explained she was going to work on my back as well because the muscles and ligaments from my back go into the stomach. Which seems terribly obvious once someone explains it to you!

I’d actually been having a niggle in my left shoulder which I hadn’t mentioned (I’d come for a stomach treatment after all!) which Heather noticed and untangled as part of her work on my back. Double win.

She used a variety of techniques and, while firm, none were the kind of wince inducing stuff that other massage therapists have used. It was relaxing but effective. Again she explained what she was doing and why as she moved.

Self care = less treatments

Then I flipped over so that Heather could teach me my self care routine. An 8 step routine which should take about 10 minutes, she showed me how to move my hands and how to modify it as I have long nails! Luckily she has also emailed it to me so that I don’t forget anything while I’m learning it and getting into the habit.

After treatment

Then it was all over and I got dressed again. The cream she used meant I didn’t feel sticky or greasy putting my clothes back on, just relaxed and comfortable.

Afterwards I didn’t feel sick or sore (something I tend to be after so many treatments!). I had a few crampy moments during the afternoon – nothing big but little internal creaks and groans. Heather warned me that my period might arrive a little earlier than usual and feel a bit different but she encouraged me to call if I had any concerns or send a WhatsApp and she’d call me back.

And my email explaining the self care procedure arrived that evening as well.

I was tired in the evening and slept very well, waking this morning feeling refreshed.

What happens next

I’ve got my homework to do and a review booked in a couple of weeks to keep me moving forward. But, as Heather explained, if I do my homework regularly then I need less intervention from her! I’m genuinely torn now about whether to do it or not!

I was really pleasantly surprised with this treatment, none of the things I was concerned about happened and I know I can contact Heather if I have anything I’m not sure about before my next appointment.

So tonight I’ll do my homework!

If you would like to try abdominal massage with Heather you can book online directly.

[email protected]

WhatsApp – 699703936

Call us on 952 883 151

If you aren’t sure if this is the right treatment for you then you can give us a call, email or WhatsApp and Emmie on reception will be happy to answer your questions and make sure you get to the right person!


  • Sarah

    August 11, 2020, 10:28 pm

    Sounds wonderful and very tempting!

    • Estelle Mitchell

      August 12, 2020, 5:14 pm

      Doesn’t it? I’m going to have to make some time myself I think!

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