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I founded the Bodyworks Health Clinic over 16 years ago – building the dream clinic I’d always wanted to work in and, over time, building a dream team.

Here in Marbella we are so fortunate to have access to a huge range of international leaders in their field and I am lucky that so many have chosen to work with us, in person in the clinic or in collaboration at their own establishments.

I’ve been working and training in my passion, physiotherapy, for over 40 years. And most of my colleagues had more than a decade of international experience when they started working with us. We probably have over a century of collective knowledge in the building!

But the most important thing for all of us – YOU.

Helping you get better using the best tools and techniques to create an effective and practical treatment plan.

And if the best treatment option isn’t available within our team we will make sure we organise a speedy referral to the best person to help make YOU feel better. Because your health is so much more important than our ego.

Our Commitment

  1. Take the time to understand your specific situation
  2. Make treatment recommendations based on best current clinical practice for you (not just what we provide!).
  3. Provide effective, efficient and practical treatment plans.
  4. Ensure you understand what you can expect from the process and the eventual goal
  5. Be realistic about how long that takes, how it will feel and what’s going to happen
  6. Identify the best health care professionals to get the best outcome for you.
  7. Support you and answer your questions accurately and quickly.

Clinical Director Estelle Mitchell

Clinical Director of Bodyworks Clinic Estelle Mitchell
Estelle Mitchell
UK Chartered Physio

English Chartered Physiotherapist,
Grad Dip Phys.
Col No 2070.
Musculoskeletal Specialist

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in January 1978 having studied and trained with the RAF. I then worked in the NHS (so much great training but way too much paperwork!).

Then I moved to private practice in Jersey before giving up the hustle and bustle to live in Spain. But I’m obviously a workaholic and decided to set up Bodyworks Health Clinic in 2004.

A boom, a recession and a global pandemic, training with elite specialists on 3 continents, 2 decades on and it’s still the best choice I ever made and has allowed me to claim specialisms in Chronic or Persistent Pain, Knees, Feet, Migraines and Headaches and the Lymphatic system

Closer to home I support local Walking Football teams and Youth Football Clubs as well as dancers, golfers, padel players, kite surfers of all ages and levels and write my Weekly Wanderings newsletter with tips and insights from the health industry (you can sign up over there on the right!)

My Team

Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Joris Van Der Lugt at Bodyworks Clinic in Marbella

Dr Joris Van der Lugt

Orthopaedic Surgeon

A surgeon I’m actually happy to recommend! And believe me I can count those on 1 hand. Specialising in the Anterior approach for hips (the recovery time is amazing!) and revision surgery for knees, Dr Joris is a careful, talented, minimally invasive surgeon. Surgery is a last resort, but make sure that you choose the best.

Dr Peter Van Aggelen

Anesthetist Dr Peter van Aggelin at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella


A quiet, behind the scenes specialism, we often forget about the importance of the people who put us to “sleep”. A key part of a minimally invasive operation is a quick recovery time, and the anesthetic is a critical part of that. Dr Peter will often consult with Dr Joris so that you are making an informed and educated choice about your surgical options.

Lisa Manley Cahill - Digestive Health Expert at Bodyworks Health Clinic Marbella

Lisa Manley Cahill

Nurse, Naturopathic Nutritionist, Colonic Hydrotherapist

Lisa has worked her magic on patients in London and Dublin. Originally training as a nurse she had a dramatic personal journey to the world of Digestive Health.

She’s our guru for all things digestion – from what to eat, how to figure out what not to eat, how to eat for your hormones and, of course, how to clear the pipes! Going in and coming out – she’s the expert on your bowels and digestion!

Ioanna Kyrligkitsi

Physiotherapist and Pilates and Movement Specialist

Ioanna is our movement specialist.

Qualified as a physiotherapist in Greece and then specialising in Pilates, Ioanna is passionate about helping her patients move without pain.

From elite athletes (she worked with the Greek Paralympic team!) to those of us who just want to stroll the paseo in comfort, Ioanna tailors her work to your unique situation, continuing to learn new techniques all the time.

Ioanna has also recently completed her Masters in Healthcare!

Geoffrey Wattine - Craniosacral Osteopath at Bodyworks

Geoffrey Wattinne

Craniosacral Osteopath

Geoffrey has worked with me for over a decade. His therapy is incredibly gentle and yet has the most profound effects. I’ve been his patient, I’ve seen the results with others. I am still terrible at explaining it! But I trust him with my patients most in need of a gentle return to health.

Heather Heaney

Massage Therapist

Massage is such a big word, with so much variation. It’s a bit like “car”. They all have 4 wheels and an engine but can you compare a Ford Fiesta to a Rolls Royce?

Heather is definitely in the performance car class. This is not just “a nice rub”. This is targeted muscle relaxation with a real impact on your internal systems.

A specialist in lymphatic, post operative and pregnancy, Heather combines gentle and strong to get you the best results.

Emmie Cross - Administration

Emmie Cross

Patient Care Coordinator

We are a family business and the person who organises everyone is my daughter! With a third generation in training (she just has to finish primary school first!).

Emmie’s been doing this job since she was 12 years old (with a few breaks to run restaurants, hotels and work in IT). She’s my living diary and encyclopedia of medical personnel on the coast. She makes sure that we have everything we need to do our jobs – looking after you. And she makes a fabulous coffee too!

If you aren’t sure if we’re the right place she’ll answer your questions and make sure you have the right appointment, with the right person in the right place (here or another clinic!)