Physiotherapy non contact and private - MRT

No contact physiotherapy

The “new normal” starts here!

And while many things are back to something like normal there are still many people who are wary about close contact with others, visiting medical centres or hospitals unless needed and wanting more privacy and space.

Not all of that sits with our usual image of physiotherapy does it?

Picture a conventional physiotherapy session and you probably think hands on contact right? Here in Spain, possibly in a group setting, maybe curtains between the beds . . . shared equipment . .

Not a visual that makes the post pandemic heart leap with joy!

Now, aside from the fact that modern physiotherapy as practiced at Bodyworks doesn’t look like that at ALL (although I do still believe in the value of “old fashioned” manual therapy!), there is a route that’s even further from that.

MRT – non contact physiotherapy

Now this isn’t brand new technology, we’ve been using it for 15 years! But, in the current situation it seems even more important than before:

  • Postpone (indefinitely!?!) the need for surgery
  • Non contact therapy
  • Reduces inflammation in the short term and speeds up healing
  • Shorter therapy time needed (less treatments)

Seeing the power and potential of this treatment during this strange, post pandemic period, our super logical German suppliers have even reviewed their prices so this safe therapy is even more accessible!

If you think this might be the solution to your joint, back or nerve pain at this current time then get in touch – we can discuss over the phone whether it would be suitable, have a video or in person consultation (as you prefer) or answer as many questions as we can via WhatsApp, email or the phone!

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