Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Consultant, Dr Joris Van der Lugt

Orthopaedic Surgery Team at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella
The Orthopaedic Surgery Team at Bodyworks Marbella

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Anesthesiologist, Dr Peter van Aggelin

Dr Joris Van Der Lugt, orthopaedic surgeon and Dr Peter Van Aggelin, consultant anesthesiologist are now available for appointments at Bodyworks!

Due to their existing commitments in the Netherlands we are combining both in person and video appointments.

Dr Joris is, as I’ve mentioned, a specialist in the anterior approach for hip replacement. But, during the past couple of years, he has been expanding his area of focus and can also provide clear advice on knee surgeries as well.

In fact he is now operating a clinic just for knee surgery corrections. Yes, he is the surgeon that corrects the mistakes of other surgeons!

Hip and Knee Surgical Consults

If you need a surgical consult, perhaps your previous surgery needs correction (depressingly frequent recently!) get in touch to book your appointment with Dr Joris and Dr Peter.

Thorough Assessment – as we’ve said time and again you cannot treat a knee in isolation – you must also include and assess the joints connected to it, the ankle, hip, lower back and the other leg! Otherwise you might simply be treating the symptom without addressing the real problem.

Relationship between Doctor and Patient – during your consultation you will have both Dr Joris and Dr Peter. This is because it is important to prepare for both the surgical procedure itself but also the medication used during and afterwards – our goal is to make sure that you feel as well and mobile as possible as efficiently as possible.

Before and after surgery – a common complaint is that people see a surgeon, are immediately scheduled for surgery and then . . . . no support after surgery. Dr Joris takes a different view. Surgery is hard on the body, and sometimes there are things we can do prior to surgery to get the best outcome. And rehabilitation and support afterwards are critical to getting the best recovery.  Based at Bodyworks you will have access to the best rehabilitation on the coast, Estelle’s physio teamwork with Dr Joris to ensure your swift and complete recovery.

Anterior Hip Surgery

For the last 10 years Dr Joris has focused on the Anterior Hip Approach performing thousands (literally!) of operations in his home base at the Haga hospital in the Hague in the Netherlands. He also trains the other hip surgeons in the Netherlands on how to perform this approach.

Why is this special? I go into quite a lot of detail here but the short version is: Less Risk, Shorter Recovery Time, Less Trauma to the surrounding tissues.

These are all VERY GOOD THINGS.

Knee Surgery Correction

There are many different operations that can be done to knees. And, quite frankly, too many are done without a real need. They are often performed because that’s the only solution that doctor has to offer.

And then the patient is left still in pain having undergone a huge amount of trauma.

Now, usually, this is where I come in. The land of last resort! But I’m no longer alone.

Over the last few years Dr Joris has expanded his scope of practice to include knees. Particularly the revision of previous knee surgery – correcting mistakes.

So whether you’re not sure if you need surgery, or want to explore other options. Or if you’ve had surgery with no progress, Dr Joris and I have a plan for you.

Expert Team

Things that give you confidence in a surgeon – insisting on using his own anesthesiologist! The, too often unsung, hero of the operating theatre – the anesthesiologist is the one making sure that your heart keeps beating and your lungs keep breathing while you are far, far away and fast asleep.

And it’s their skill that means you need a minimum of medication with a minimum of side effects.

So if you come to see Dr Joris you will meet Dr Peter Van Aggelen as well – the anesthesiologist who works with Dr Joris to make sure that you stay relaxed and healthy throughout the procedure and wake up feeling great.

Dr Peter will work with you to make sure that you’re prepared for the operation and understand what will happen and who will be in the room when it happens. So you can relax knowing you’re in the best hands throughout.

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