Physiotherapy – so much more than just a massage!

Clinical Director of Bodyworks Clinic Estelle Mitchell
Estelle Mitchell Consultant Physiotherapist

I’m Consultant Physiotherapist Estelle Mitchell and I have been the Costa del Sol’s leading physiotherapist for over 20 years.

During that time I’ve been fortunate to develop a varied team of physical health therapists from around the world and invest in the most up to date technology to give my patients the most effective treatment possible. Oh and I trained on 3 continents to work with the best in the world!

I truly believe that taking the time up front to do a complete and thorough diagnosis is the key to an effective (and faster!) treatment plan.

Making sure that YOU understand both your condition and what the best treatment options are, in clear English. No bamboozling with complicated latin terms (that don’t tell you anything!) to scare you into treatment. Just clear explanations so you are back in control.

I find the best results come from individual treatment plans – combining classic and modern techniques as well as both manual and electro therapy in the way best suited to YOU.

Me and my team combine physiotherapy, massage and pilates with our revolutionary cartilage regeneration technology to provide a service that covers every muscle, bone, tendon, ligament and nerve in your body!

From sports injuries to long standing pain and rehabilitation after surgery, my team can help with a wide range of conditions.

So many people believe that physiotherapy is nothing more than a relaxing massage or that you need to be “cracked”. In reality, a properly qualified and experienced physical therapy team can do so much more and has so many options.

What we treat?

Anything that stops you moving freely. That can be problems in

In fact, any condition which causes you pain, stiffness or weakness and makes movement tricky!

I’m a musculoskeletal specialist. As the name suggests I work with and treat every muscle in your body and every bone in your skeleton and all the bits that make you move.

Our treatment options

Assessment and Diagnosis

For more information on your first appointment please read our article – How to get the most from your appointment

In my opinion this is the most important part of any treatment! If we understand the true root cause of your discomfort we don’t waste time (and money!) treating symptoms. And even better you know WHY we recommend the treatment program we do.

This can take a little while as I like to take a detailed history (make sure you have any X-rays, MRI scans or Doctors’ letters with you!) of your symptoms, then I will need to do a thorough physical examination.

You will most likely be asked to remove certain items of clothing to do this. This is so important as you are so much more than just pictures and words!

And the most important point is that YOU will also understand the problem, we make sure it is explained to you in simple, plain English. Then we can discuss all the options you have to feel better.


Well this depends on what you need!

Our treatment plans always combine both pain relief as well as rehabilitation and teaching you the tools to take control and manage your situation.

There is no point teaching you an exercise if it hurts too much to do it!

Our aim is to get you moving as quickly as possible, as comfortably as possible.

Treatment might include:

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