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Pilates Schedule

Exciting stuff at the clinic this week, we’ve created a pilates studio

Ioanna’s been offering private pilates classes for a while but now we’ve reorganised our space so that we can offer small groups as well.

A proper space for Ioanna to work with her patients and even have group classes! 

There was some happy dancing on Wednesday when we had our first proper pilates class I can tell you! 

Each class is limited to just 4 students – not just because of the social distancing regulations! But because this means everyone gets individual attention and a class tailored to their exact needs – it’s like a private class with other people for moral support.

With just 4 people per class we can tailor them around your schedule and needs. So if you don’t see the one you want on the schedule – tell Emmie and she’ll figure it out.

Currently we have:
Tuesday @ 15.30 – Beginners Pilates
Tuesday @ 17.00 – Young Athletes (18 and under)
Wednesday @ 11.00 – Pilates for back and shoulder pain
Wednesday @ 13.00 – Sports Recovery and Stretch Pilates
Friday @ 14.00 – Beginners Pilates

Book Now!

Call us on 952883151 to speak to a real person (she’s called Emmie and very friendly!) or book online directly

Prefer to type? Email us on [email protected] or send us a Whatsapp on 699703936 

Which also means . . 

That we have some space for new team members. We’re thinking perhaps yoga? Or personal training? Or how about meditation?

We can (respecting restrictions) comfortably have 4 active class members and 6 (8?) seated students. So we are thinking small classes or workshops. 

I know that you know all the truly fabulous people so perhaps you could help us find the right team members?  

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