Podcast Episode 5 - 7 myths about back pain. Healthcare on the Costa del Sol with Estelle Mitchell

Podcast Episode 5 – Back Pain!

In this episode we talk about 2 things – 1st that I wrote a book! Apparently several decades of experience means I know a thing or two.

Secondly – Back Pain.

In particular all the total rubbish that people get told by medical professionals who should know better! It makes my blood boil when I hear some of these things.

So, inspired by the HUGE body of research published in the Lancet last year which caused absolute uproar in the medical community I thought I’d write down a simple, easy to understand summary of the latest advice on back pain.

So this podcast is part of my continuing mission to get good, useful advice about back pain out there to counteract some of the out of date, useless rubbish that patients are told.

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7 Myths your Doctor told you about back pain

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