Healthcare on the Costa del Sol - Episode 6 - Supporting Children's Mental Health with Dr Alina Boukri

Podcast Episode 7 – Supporting children’s mental health.

This week we are talking to child psychologist Dr Alina Boukri.

Bringing children up is confusing and complex. Add in a new country and different languages at home and at school it can all become even more complex.

Today Alina focuses more on younger children and coping with language difficulties.

Interestingly in multi lingual children they may only feel comfortable discussing certain topics in one language but not another (Alina speaks 5 languages so this is a little easier for her then it would be for me!).

We cover her top tips for coping with three year old tantrums! How to listen when they haven’t learnt to speak yet and how to teach them respect and positive body image.

But we also deal with the signs that your child needs more help – how to tell the difference between “a bad day” and something more serious.

We are hoping to make Dr Alina a regular guest so if you have questions you would like us to address in future episodes please send us a WhatsApp or email 

Dr Alina’s website for more information or specific questions – https://www.dr-alina.com/

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