What is Humanistic Psychology?

There are many different types of psychology, each founded on a particular core belief and then adapted by the psychologist to match their patient’s needs. With something as complex as the human mind is it any surprise that there are a million different routes through it?

Most people have heard of Sigmund Freud and his theories of psychoanalysis, perhaps you’ve heard of Skinner and Behaviorism as well? But both focus on the pessimistic, tragic emotions, failing to take into account the key role of personal choice.

Humanistic psychology (Humanism) is based on the belief that people are innately good. By looking at the whole individual and emphasising concepts such as  free will, self-efficacy, and self-actualization Humanism helps people fulfill their potential and maximize their well-being.  We believe that morality, ethical values, and good intentions are the driving forces of behaviour.

The concept of the self is a central focal point for Humanists. Individuals are said to perceive the world according to their own experiences and this perception affects their personality and leads them to direct their behaviour to satisfy the needs of total self.

Humanistic Psychology in Therapy

Or “am I in the right place?”

Humanism uses unstructured sessions to allow the patient to express and control the session, directing the session where they wish to go rather than focusing on a specific topic or idea of the therapists’s choosing.

It is a particularly powerful therapy for those of us who have left the home country behind to explore our own selves, focusing on self actualisation, the core similarities of the human race as well as exploring the impact alternative ways of life and cultures can have on us. Learn how to be responsible for your own happiness, to focus on the present without letting the past control it and use your strengths to move forward.

By clearly understanding your needs and wants Humanism helps you to make better choices while acknowledging how they affect others, to take positive action without being overwhelmed by the consequences.


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Buenaventura del Charco Olea

Psychologist, Buenaventura del Charco Olea, is highly regarded by the Spanish community.

In Madrid he founded the private teaching institution “Aprende viendo terapia” (which translates into “Learn while watching therapy”) while teaching at the University and carrying out a variety of clinical research.

“Quality and human warmth help the patient feel understood and supported. Gone are the sessions solely based on draining techniques that often led to major internal conflicts. I firmly believe change happens naturally as the patient learns to understand and integrate his emotions”


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