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Secure Video Consultations

So Zoom is the most fashionable app right now – for meetings and socialising, exercise classes and webinars and . . . . well anytime you want to see the person you’re talking to!

But with more use some of the serious security flaws have come to light.

And this means it’s not appropriate to be used for medical video consultations – we have a higher burden of data protection as medical practitioners (I know, I’ve done mountains of paperwork and jumped through many hoops!).

Because your medical data should remain private. You might not be bothered about someone knowing you have a sore knee, but some medical data could have a huge effect on people’s lives if shared too widely.

So all medical data is treated as top secret!

But you know what – top secret privacy isn’t free.

And many practitioners are offering free consultations during this period.

So we decided that if you require a secure platform for video consultations right now to continue to support your patients you can use ours.

That’s right, no charge, no fuss.

It’s all set up and raring to go – so let’s make as much use of it as we possibly can!

If you need this service then just let Emmie know and she’ll set you up – [email protected].

It takes about 15 minutes and then you can log in and support your patients wherever they are and wherever you are.

PS if you are charging for more complex support we can do that too but there’s a small credit card processing fee. Sadly some things still have a cost!

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