Specialist Osteoporosis Treatment without the side effects

Osteoporosis is considered a silent condition but it can often be painful and seriously affect your lifestyle.

Treatment is usually:

  • Strong medication with harsh side effects
  • Ineffective – reducing the removal of waste bone rather than creating new, healthy bone
  • Slow and hard to monitor improvement

None of which I was willing to put up with.

Estelle Mitchell, Consultant Physiotherapist at the Bodyworks Clinic

Estelle Mitchell

Clinical Director of Bodyworks
Consultant Physiotherapist
MCSP, No Col 2070

So, 15 years ago, I found another way:

  • Clinically effective (improvement of 4-30% in bone density in 3-6 months)
  • No side effects
  • Stimulates bone growth
  • Simple
  • Works with and supports all your other efforts

Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST / MRT)

Osteoporosis Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Magnetic Resonance Therapy at Bodyworks in Marbella is this simple!

Designed in Germany and available at our clinic in Marbella, this simple to use therapy stimulates the osteoblasts (bone creation cells) within the bones.

More active osteoblasts means more good quality bone is created over the next 3-6 months.

And all you have to do is lie on a bed in our custom designed clinic in Marbella for 10 x 1 hourly sessions and drink lots of water.

Seems too good to be true right?

Experience and Proof

I was a skeptic too. How could something this easy and this effective not be everywhere? (Why isn’t it everywhere?!)

15 years later and everyone is finally starting to catch up. There are more and more centres throughout Europe, although most are still located around the manufacturer’s base in Germany.

But the results we have seen in those patients who have had treatment with us in the last 15 years? Phenomenal.

The minimum we have seen is a lady who’s condition stabilised (5 years and counting!). The most amazing results have seen ladies with a 20-30% improvement in bone density scores within 3-6 months.

And the best part is that the initial anti-inflammatory effects make day to day living, and the weight bearing exercise that is such an important part of long term management, more comfortable.

Check your results

My favourite part of this treatment? We can easily test it.

I also like that we can combine it with all the other ingredients to make it successful but proof? That makes my scientific heart sing!

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