speech and language therapist at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Speech and Language Therapy at Bodyworks

Now this lady might look a little familiar to you, it’s the wonderful Edit showing her true, glorious colours as a Speech and Language Therapist.

Edit has her Masters in supporting bilingual children and 10 years experience in helping children with a wider range of speech and communication issues.

As the mother of tri-lingual children (and tri-lingual herself) she is experienced at supporting the children and their parents through these difficulties.

However during her time with us so far we’ve been updating and revising her work with neurological patients and adults with other communication issues. What has been most interesting is some of the post surgical work – plastic surgery is wonderful but, of course, some of those facial muscles are (purposefully!) affected.

We’re going to work on some workshop ideas for the parents of multi-lingual children so watch this space!

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And, you can book directly with Edit over emailWhatsApp or in person as you prefer.

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