Stop Knee Pain without Surgery

Trying to avoid knee surgery?

It’s funny when you think back to the first time your knee hurt.

– You’d been walking round Paris all day enjoying the atmosphere and the beautiful architecture

– You’d played an extra game of tennis

– You’d walked all 18 holes

And afterwards your knee complained. It ached.

But the next day you felt fine. So you carried on.

But the next time it happened, it was still sore the next day.

And then it happened after just 1 game of tennis, only 9 holes, walking to the hotel.

And suddenly, BOOM, this sore, swollen knee was a regular feature of your life.

And now the pain and discomfort start before you’ve even thought about tennis or golf or a city trip away.

Before you know it you’re talking to surgeons and worrying about how to manage on 2 crutches for 6-8 weeks and then maintain 6 months of rehabilitation across 2 countries.

In the next few months

Maybe,” you think, “I’ll find a physiotherapist and do some exercises.”

Great! It helps a little at first and then you realise that the young, inexperienced physiotherapist recommended by your health insurance company is following a generic, set protocol for “knees”. You realise your monthly routine isn’t making any progress. Or at least not progress you can see!

So you try an injection – corticosteroids perhaps combined with hyalauronic acid. Wow, your knee feels great for a few weeks and then BANG. Right back where you started but now you’ve been told you can’t have another injection for several months.

You try the painkillers your doctor gave you. It’s a little better but . . . . your life in glorious, sunny Spain starts to feel like a waste as you limp from bench to bench along the paseo. Just watching the tennis and golf on the telly.

And you start to wonder if the pain, cost and risks of surgery are better than this . . . . .

Crunching the numbers

So your knee operation will cost 5,000€ – 30,000€. But an extra night if something goes wrong? That’s another 5,000€!

Your rehabilitation (with that same physiotherapist your health insurance recommended before!) is another 50€ twice a week for the next 6 months.

And you’re wondering what to do when you’re on 2 crutches for 6 weeks and you’re stuck at home. Just how DO you get a cup of tea from the kitchen to the sofa with 2 crutches anyway? How much does a home nurse cost?

And then someone mentioned that muscle wastage takes 2 weeks to recover from just 48 hours in bed. You’ll be in hospital for 3-4 days! That’s 4 weeks to recover just from your stay in hospital.

How to avoid surgery and STILL get great results – in just 2 weeks!

  • 6 months of rehab in just 2 weeks
  • No surgery or risk
  • 30 years proven results on over 200,000 patients worldwide
  • Personalised recovery program designed by our musculoskeletal expert

What we do differently

  1. We start with a complete assessment of YOU. Not just your knees but also your feet, hips and back – all of which are connected to your knees and can influence how they feel.
  2. Educate and explain – so that you understand not just what we’re recommending but WHY we are recommending it so that you are making an informed and educated choice every step of the way. We work with you to make sure our plans are based on your real life, not some textbook recovery plan.
  3. Personalise to you – electrotherapy with manual therapy and an exercise program and any external supports you need. Each one personalised to your unique situation.
  4. Plan for the future – we give you the tools and prevention management tricks so that you don’t need us in the future
  5. But we offer full support in person and over video conference, telephone and email for 3-6 months just in case you do!
  6. Clear, upfront prices with no hidden costs

We’ve been fine tuning this process for over 15 years and thousands of patients.

We’ve tracked the results so we can confidently talk about a 95% success rate. When you compare that with the 3% success rate for arthroscopies we’re justifiably proud!

But I have a physiotherapist . . .

And with enough time they might get you to where you want to be.

But we’ve invested time and money in the right tools and training from Germany, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Holland and the UK over 30 years to get the right combination.

Our tools have a whole host of research behind them – each one with more than 30 years of data and clinical trials, having helped over 200,000 patients around the world.

Getting Results

Our patients don’t have time to “wait and see”. They don’t want to mess around while their physiotherapist figures it out.

They want results. Yesterday.

They know that for the best results you invest in the experts. That’s how you get results in the most time and cost effective way.

And they’re happy to tell you how effective we are!

What will you do for your knees in the next 3 months?

Keep taking the painkillers hoping the pain and the limp will magically “go away” or else get bad enough to justify surgery?

Or will you take action and get back to the life you want to live in Spain?

Book your consultation today – online, via WhatsApp on 699703936, phone us on 952 883 151 or email us on [email protected].