Valentine's Day - Loyalty Dollars at Bodyworks

Valentine’s Day – Appreciating the people who trust us

Today is Valentine’s Day, soppy hearts and too expensive roses!

And while it might not be your idea of a good time, I do think it’s a great reminder to show the people you love how you feel.

Now, I’m afraid I’m going to get a little soppy and emotional, because over the last 15 years I have been repeatedly overwhelmed by the love and support shown to me and my team by our fabulous patients.

The trust, appreciation and just plain loveliness shown by this amazing group of people that I am so fortunate to work with is just incredible.

So for Valentine’s Day I would like to give you a gift.

Loyalty Dollars

To show our appreciation of the loyalty and support of our amazing patients we are introducing something which our whizbang booking system calls “loyalty dollars” (it’s not their fault, they’re Canadian!).

This means that for every appointment and purchase in the clinic you get a credit to your account.

These credits then translate to 1€ each to spend on a variety of different things so that looking after yourself becomes even easier and more pleasant!

Loyalty Mobiliser!

And each single dollar will also buy you 1 whole session on the Mobiliser! (usually 20€!)

Sharing the love

Perhaps you’re thinking, “huh, I’m ok actually but I wish I could get those sessions for my husband”.

You can!

We will allow you to spend and pool your points within your family and friends. Because we know that looking after the people you love is what matters.

2018 and onwards

Feeling miffed that your bad elbow happened last year and you miss out on the goodies?


We are backdating the points to 1 January 2018. So anyone who had to see a lot of us last year gets all the goodies too.

Check it out!

We will be updating everyone’s account over the next few days, (just in time for new Vionic stock to arrive!) so don’t be shy about asking what points you have if we haven’t told you yet!

And enjoy Free Mobiliser sessions and comfy feet with our devoted thanks for being such an amazing group of people!

Call us on 952883151 between 10.00 and 17.00 to speak to a real person

Prefer to type? Email us on [email protected] or send us a Whatsapp on 699703936.

Alternatively you can use our online booking system 24 hours a day!

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