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Video Consultations

WOW what a week in the news! Headlines that wouldn’t seem out of place in some of the more ludicrous disaster movies. More and more of Europe on lockdown with events cancelled and sports seasons on pause – it’s chaos out there!

And now we wait and see.

But there are some things that don’t stop – and your knee, neck or back pain might be one of them.

In fact, you might have more time to do something about it with the world gone quiet.

But I can’t come to the clinic . . .

That’s ok! Because technology and my training come to the rescue!

I know that everyone’s favourite part of their appointment is the hands on part. But, for many conditions it’s the talking and education part along with the boring exercises part that makes the biggest difference.

And guess what? Those bits we can do even if we’re not in the same room!

Amazing technology!

Thank goodness for video cameras – they mean that we can have our appointment with you (safely) in your own house while I’m in the clinic.

We can assess you – I can watch you move.

Discuss reports, images and other results

Make your exercise and movement plan

And as an added extra – I can even see your work and other task set up – which might help you avoid a particular strain or stress to a joint or muscle.

What are you waiting for?

We’ve been doing this quietly for quite some time (our patients do like to travel after all!). But, with my usual slow acceptance of technology it’s taken me a while to be confident and happy announcing it to the world!

But now you can book your physiotherapy video consultation online or simply talk to Emmie who will make sure everything is set up for me to step into the frame and be a physio!

Nutrition too

And of course our Digestive Health expert Lisa Manley Cahill can also offer video consultations on your diet and nutritional health over video chat with email, phone and WhatsApp follow ups.

Booking details

Book online or via phone on 952 883 151, by email – [email protected] or by WhatsApp – ideal for short videos, photos of sore knees and voice messages! – 699 703 936

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