Daniele Delicati physiotherapist at Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Welcome to Daniele

A huge welcome to our newest team member, Daniele Delicati!

Italian by birth Daniele has spent the last few years working in London. But now his Spanish wife has insisted that Spain is the place to be! ⁠Personally I agree completely.

Daniele brings some new and slightly different treatment options to us, including acupuncture and dry needling as well as his experience of osteopathic techniques and treatment options. It’s a wonderfully energetic session! ⁠

His strong relationships with orthopaedic surgeons also gives him a lot of experience with pre-op preparation and post-op rehabilitation. ⁠

He’s available with us on Thursdays but is also seeing patients a little closer to home in Mijas on other days. ⁠

That’s 3 physios and a craniosacral osteopath going into 2022! What a change in the last couple of years from just little old me! ⁠

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