Welcome! to Ilyes Chatiagner physiotherapist at Bodyworks Health Clinic Marbella

Welcome to Ilyes Chataigner!

We are delighted to welcome a new physiotherapist to our team at Bodyworks, Ilyes Chataigner.

Ilyes is a Belgian trained physiotherapist who has plenty of experience working in multi-disciplinary clinics treating a wide range of patients.

Although he has a teensy obsession with backs (you know, like my teensy obsession with feet!) Ilyes has a multi modal, big picture approach to treatment which complements our clinic philosophy.

His work on kinetic chains and posture re-education will feel comfortingly familiar to those who have worked with me before. As will the focus on movement that you CAN do rather than a list of things you “can’t” do.

He also informs me that our mutual preference for manual, hands on therapy makes us “modern and fresh”! I thought it was just that I predated all the technological wizardry!

Ilyes will also be happy to offer home visits (more on that to come very soon!) and is certified in treating TMJ. Interesting new additions!

We are very pleased to welcome Ilyes to our team, confident that he will be able to provide great support and a new perspective for our patients.

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