Jose and Estelle - our team of physiotherapists

Welcome to Jose Rodriguez Vega

This month we are thrilled to have Jose Rodriguez Vera join us as our new physiotherapist.

Jose has completed his physiotherapy training in Malaga, which means he has that magic number here in Spain – a Colegio number (Col No. 29-8325). He is continuing his training with his Masters in Osteopathy.

*side note – in Spain you have to be a physiotherapist first and then an osteopath. There isn’t a stand alone qualification as there is in the UK. So osteopaths are also regulated by the Colegio de Fisioterapeutas. 

Sports, sports, sports

Jose is bringing the sports knowledge to our clinic! A keen footballer and runner Jose understands how important it is to get back on the pitch / court / track as soon as possible without risking further injury.

And he’s putting it to good use! He’s the physio for not 1 but 2 football teams on the coast, as well as the World Padel Tour. And now he is supporting our Walking Football team as well as our youngsters in the CD Sportcab Marbella football club.

Exercise and Rehab

With more hands to go around bringing Jose onto our team means we can add more hands on and exercise rehabilitation into our MRT packages (all included of course!) as well as offer more availability to go over your exercises, upgrade them as you improve and generally support your progress as much as possible!

We are very lucky to have Jose as a team member, despite his youth, he has a lot of hard won experience and passion for helping people move pain free – and that is the whole point!

with Jose now!

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