Bodyworks Welcomes Nicoleta Porojanu, psychotherapist

Welcome to Nicoleta Porojanu

We are thrilled to announce that British trained psychotherapist Nicoleta Porojanu has joined our team.

As many of you will know I whole heartedly endorse Lorimer Moseley and David Butler’s revised approach to pain, particularly chronic pain. And they call this revised model “the BioPsychoSocial modal”.

In reality this is a fancy term for treating your patient as a complete, individual person not just a sore joint. Acknowledging that there will be components in their history that are as much about their mental health as their physical health (and perhaps that the two aren’t so separate!).

Welcoming Nicoleta to our team makes a real contribution to helping our patients get the best results possible in a way that works best for them and their life. Giving you the access and control to lead your treatment as required for the best results.

Nicoleta practised as a psychologist, counsellor & psychotherapist in the UK and is in the process of getting her accreditation with the Colegio de Psicologos de Andalusia. In the interim she is practising as a psychotherapist here in Spain.

Tailored approach

Like me, Nicoleta has practised in a number of different countries and for long enough to have tried and trained in a little bit of everything. Which means that she has a huge repertoire of techniques and approaches that she can call on to create a therapy program that works for YOU, the complex human being sat in front of her.

This work involves focusing on the present situation while acknowledging the history that brought you there and then setting out a clear path for what happens next – so you both know where you are going and what you need to do to get there.

What does it feel like?

I am very fortunate that one of my perks is that I get the chance to be the patient of each of our team of practitioners. And as this is a very new and different approach to what we usually do I wanted to make sure I could understand what it might be like for you as a patient.

Nicoleta is a very gentle person and made me feel very safe and in control while still helping me to discuss and confront complex personal issues. We only had an hour which is a drop in the ocean for this style of therapy but I found her approach very simple and relaxing despite the complicated topic.

Therapy, counselling or psychological support, however you wish to call it, is a complex and personal process dealing with sensitive topics. I feel confident and comfortable collaborating with Nicoleta and including her services as part of what we offer at Bodyworks, Nicoleta keeps this complicated topic simple and jargon free while gently guiding you in the right direction.

I am excited about exploring what we can achieve working together.

In June Nicoleta will be leading one of our Patient Support Seminars so you can ask her all the questions you may have about her approach.

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