Work with us

Work with us

Want to come and join our team? We have a variety of options depending on how you wish to work.

Room Rental

By the hour, day or week. Perfect if you only need a temporary base on the coast or are only just starting out. Clear, flat fees which include all local, applicable taxes and leave you with complete control of your own diary and requirements.

Team Member

If we decide we are all a perfect fit then we can decide to work together on a more permanent basis. Commission per appointment means you aren’t left out of pocket even in quieter periods. Credit card payment facilities and full reception support as well as marketing help and translation services mean we help you build your practice to the level you desire.

Contact us by email at [email protected]yworksClinic.com to discuss working together.

Legal Small Print and stuff

Please be aware that we require all of our practitioners to be able to prove the following prior to working with us in any capacity:

  • Qualified and registered with the appropriate Colegio or similar organisation in Spain (if applicable)
  • Registered as self employed in Spain (or equivalent in home country if not permanent resident in Spain)
  • Insured to perform your specific therapies in Spain

Not all therapies translate directly to Spain and you may not be qualified to perform the same services in Spain that you are in your home country. We highly recommend that you confirm the situation with a gestor if there is any doubt. (A recent example: in parts of Spain only an MD registered with the Colegio de Medicos can perform Botox. Unlike the UK where other medical professionals can widen their scope of practice to include this service)