Estelle’s Weekly Wonderings

I am infamous for being a technophobe! But, during my enforced “holiday” (aka lockdown aka longest 6 weeks of my life!) at the beginning of 2020 I missed my patients so much that I taught myself how to send out our newsletters!

I probably should have been oh so terribly formal and full of the latest statistics and lectures on posture but . . . well that wasn’t what I missed! I missed chatting to my wonderful patients, hearing their stories and news, finding new things based on their recommendations . . I missed the humans!

So instead I share a whole bunch of different ideas that have made me think or laugh or caught my eye during the week.

Estelle's Weekly Wonderings - a newsletter from Bodyworks Clinic Marbella

Most are related to physiotherapy and health – obviously, it’s my passion and raison d’etre!

But they are just as likely to be an interesting podcast I found, news from our team, a video of dancing penguins or my favourite recipe that week!

Have a look through our archives and then sign up and join me as I wander around the internet!