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Most of these models are discontinued stock which is why we can offer them for a much lower price than new Vionic styles. It also means we only have 1 of each and once it’s sold there are no more!

We are still in the process of adding all of our stock items to this page so please check back regularly to see if we have added new styles or contact us directly and we will let you know if we have items that match.

We also recommend following our profile on the VINTED app for notifications and shipping outside of Mainland Spain (and, honestly, much more affordable shipping than we, as individuals can offer generally!).

If you have any questions please contact us via email or WhatsApp.

Why we love Vionics!

Exclusive technology, built into every Vionic shoe. The fusion between dynamic movement and grounded stability solving whole body balance.


Too often, finding the perfect comfortable shoe comes at the expense of style, forcing you to choose between comfort and appearance. Vionic creates shoes, boots and sandals with stability, cushioning and the ultimate arch support.

Vionic footbed technology delivers Three‑Zone Comfort to reduce common foot pains associated with over‑pronation and plantar fasciitis. This breakthrough support helps get you back on your feet so you can focus on your day instead of on your pain.

Vionic orthotic sandals’ scientifically‑proven foot support allows you to walk through your day without pain. The podiatrist‑designed contours are built right into the footwear to create a first‑of‑their‑kind orthotic sandals and shoes. With more than 30 years of podiatric medical success and research to support this innovative technology, Vionic brings you the best orthotic sandals. Vionic shoes are designed with you in mind, so you can walk through your day — looking good and feeling good too.

Premium materials and classic style from Vionic orthotic sandals. Enjoy all the things you want to do because you’re completely comfortable on your feet.


We offer shipping within Mainland Spain ONLY – 10€ per pair via Correos (this is charged automatically at checkout).

If you live outside Mainland Spain we recommend using the VINTED shopping app which will handle payment and shipping within all European countries. Please note that you must pay directly through the app not here. Same shoes, better shipping!

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