Knee Pre-Operative Exercises

If your knee operation has been delayed or postponed because of the current crisis then you might be feeling more than a bit stuck. And probably quite uncomfortable as well – I mean you are getting a knee operation after all right?!

And right now, with little access to physiotherapy or other support as well as less opportunity for your usual activities then, that knee pain might be even more of a bother.

Here’s what to do while you’re waiting

In my opinion, the best thing you can do while you are waiting for your hip operation is prehab.

That’s short for prehabilitation – it’s like rehabiliation but you do it BEFORE your operation.

Ok Prehabilitation – but why?

Two main reasons actually:

  1. Prehab reduces your pain and increases your mobility in the short term.
  2. Prehab makes your recovery after the operation faster and more comfortable.

The basic premise is that the better shape you are in BEFORE you have surgery, (which is, in case we forget – major trauma to an already unhappy and traumatised area! ), the better shape you will be in coming out.

And in the short term we know that these exercises will make you more comfortable and help you become more mobile – so the waiting will be less painful.

Let’s be honest – what have you got to lose?

Except possibly some of your pain . . . .

Pre Knee Operation Routine

Led by UK Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinical Director of the Bodyworks Health Clinic, Estelle Mitchell

Exercise 1

Use a rolled up towel to raise your knees. Or a foam roller or . . well anything that you can comfortably squish so that it supports your knees but not much else.

Remember you are pushing your knee down NOT lifting your foot!

Start with your “better” leg and then do the “worse” leg. Alternate between the two

Need more of a challenge? Sit upright without any back support. Cross your arms to place each hand on the opposite shoulder. Now see how it feels to push that knee down!

Exercise 2

Move that rolled up towel or cushion down to your ankles. Or sit on the sofa with your feet on the coffee table so that your knee hangs unsupported.

Gradually extend the time you can do it – watching TV is a great distraction!

Exercise 3

A dressing gown belt, long belt or even a towel – make sure it’s strong enough to take the weight!

You only need to do the sore leg. Only do this as long as it’s “comfortably uncomfortable”. Don’t go over the edge into pain.

How long and how often?

Every day! And for as long as you can comfortably manage.

Start with a few seconds for each one. And as they get easier do them for longer.

When you try the more advanced version you may not be able to manage for as long as the easier version – that’s ok! Do the advanced one until you tire, then either stop and do more tomorrow or do a little of the easier one.

This isn’t a competition – listen to your knee.

And don’t panic if you feel a little achy or different the next day – that’s normal after any new exercise routine (even if you’re a fit 20 year old, promise!). Go a little easier the next day but try and keep it up with a little every day.

Need more???

Need more specialised or personalised advice? Then get in touch and we can arrange a video consultation to review your situation and set up some personalised exercises just for you.

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