TYFO Trainers and insoles – 38EU


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TYFO Trainers with insoles

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Model – TYFO Trainers and insoles

Size – 38EU / 5UK / 7.5US

Size notes or recommendations –

This extremely lightweight black trainer has been designed to hold the TYFO insole (which is thicker than many standard insoles which are designed to fit within standard shoes). But, without an insole this is an odd shoe.

The insole is designed around reflexology points intended to stimulate proprioception, balance and the nervous system.

We have found that those who most enjoy this additional feedback are often golfers, weightlifters or have more sedentary jobs.

We don’t usually recommend them for runners or walkers as the stimulation can be a little intense (although we’ve had people who really love it in these situations!).

Sizing is similar to Adidas

Practical Information:

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If you live outside Mainland Spain we recommend using the VINTED shopping app which will handle payment and shipping within all European countries.

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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm