Podcast 7 - Pelvic Floor on Healthcare on the Costa del Sol

Podcast Episode 8 – Pelvic Floor – What you need to know

This week we are talking to Julie Colan, founder and creator of Secret Whispersand pelvic floor crusader.  As many of you know I’ve worked with local midwife Anne Halpenny of Irish Midwives for a very long time, supporting her antenatal classes by educating mums to be about the importance of their pelvic floors.  So it was brilliant to get a chance to chat to Julie about the importance of the pelvic floor and her…

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Exercises to strengthen your Pelvic Floor

Try exercises to strengthen your Pelvic Floor A recent survey of 3,000 women in doctor’s waiting rooms found that almost half had experienced incontinence in the past month. 80% of teenage girls wet themselves while trampolining! It doesn’t have to be that way, exercise your Pelvic Floor. Your pelvic floor is a sheet of muscle that is like a hammock between your legs.  This hammock  supports the contents of your abdomen…

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