New Surgical techniques for feet

Getting you back on your feet

Foot pain can literally stop us in our tracks. Bunions, hammer toes, flat feet . . . all can cause discomfort, change our shoe choices and prevent us living the life we want.

The complicated foot

One quarter of all our bones are in our feet – 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. That is a LOT of activity in a very small space. Precision is critical.

It is also a place where we want to do the minimum of work and make sure that you are back on your feet, literally, as quickly as possible.

Preservation not removal

New techniques mean that we can minimise the intrusion into the foot, focusing on preserving and stabilising the joints rather than simply removing troublesome areas.

By working with the foot we shorten recovery times and you reduce the chance of future intervention being required.

Taking the time to properly assess you we can choose the procedure which is the best fit for you.

Hallux Valgus (Bunions): Rather than simply shorten the 1st Metatarsal (big toe) we can now realign and stabilise the toe to reduce the recovery period.

Hammer Toes: again, rather than just shorten the toe, we can reconstruct the Plantar Plate, the ligament in the ball of the foot. Fixing the problem at the source not treating the symptom.

Flat Feet: previously treated with an arthrodesis or ankle fusion which reduces foot function and mobility. New techniques mean we can support the foot without such strong measures giving you more flexibility and stability long term.

Hallux Rigidus (stiff big toe): another issue where arthrodesis was used, but a simple cheilectomy (joint cleaning) is sometimes all that is required, increasing movement and minimising the recovery period.

Avoiding surgery altogether

Surgery is a serious option. In some cases some straight forward, less invasive, preventative measures may be just as effective.

A simple course of 2 injections, a month apart can relieve joint discomfort, even if it is arthritis.

Avoiding the need for complicated surgery and recovery time while allowing you to go on with your life pain free.

Dr Jyri Lepisto, Orthopaedic ConsultantDr Jyri Lepisto

Orthopaedic Consultant

Colegio No. 29/29/11425



  • Siham

    June 19, 2019, 2:06 pm

    Do you also perform foot surgery the procedure hammertoe surgery?

    Thank you

    • Estelle Mitchell

      June 20, 2019, 12:51 pm

      Hi Siham,
      thank you for getting in touch with us. We have replied via direct message for privacy. Many thanks,

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