Sciatica Seminar with Estelle Mitchell at Bodyworks Marbella

Sciatica Seminar

This week is one of my favourite topics – your back! We’re getting into all things lumbar spine and nerve pain with our focus on sciatica.

Wednesday 30 October – 11.30

  • What is sciatica?
  • Why does it come and go and move around?
  • Is your disc damaged? Understanding your MRI scan
  • ITB, Slipped Disc, Herniated Disc, Piriformis Syndrome, Disc Fusion – the confusing names you get given.
  • Tips and tricks when sciatica hits
  • Exercises and activities to help with sciatica and back pain

All this and more plus your questions answered in this free seminar on back pain and sciatica.

So in this seminar we will discuss what you can do today to help keep your lower back healthy and pain free. Explain what’s happening so that you can understand how best to help yourself. And also explain why the medication you have been given may not be helping reduce the pain any more.

There is no charge for the seminar but we do recommend booking as places are limited!

Contact us on 952 883 151, [email protected] or via WhatsApp on 699703936

Can’t make the seminar? Then book your FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to get your questions answered or download our FREE guide to back pain using the form below.

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