Golf is good for your health

Golf – scientifically proven to make you healthier!

From the British Journal of Sports Medicine, all the facts on how Golf really does make you healthier! And, according to a recent study from the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity in the UK, just one round a week is enough! In fact they are so convinced of the health benefits they organise an annual golf event on the longest day of the year to fund raise. What a great thing…

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the difference between Golfer's elbow and Tennis elbow

Tennis or Golfers elbow?

So you have a pain in your elbow. Maybe you play golf AND tennis. Which is it?? Roughly speaking Golfer’s elbow affects the inner elbow; bending the wrist and fingers inward towards your palm is often painful. If you wince or get pain when you strike a divot (now I mean physical pain! not the pain of playing badly!) then this can be a sign that there is a problem.…

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