Golf is good for your health

Golf – scientifically proven to make you healthier!

From the British Journal of Sports Medicine, all the facts on how Golf really does make you healthier!

And, according to a recent study from the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity in the UK, just one round a week is enough!

In fact they are so convinced of the health benefits they organise an annual golf event on the longest day of the year to fund raise. What a great thing to get involved in!

Miles away

During a typical single round of golf, players walk 4 – 8 miles (6.5 -13km) which is between 11,245 and 16,667 steps. (not including finding lost balls!). This translates into approx 1,564 calories if you are carrying your own golf clubs and 240 minutes (4  hours) of moderate, intensive activity.

So sack the caddy and skip the golf cart and get out there on the course! You’ll live longer, have less pain and be happier too.


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