Leg Pain- ankle, knee, hip and back - all connected

Knee Pain – the Big Picture

Knee pain – just one of those things that happens as you get older right? Or because you’re a runner. Or a tennis player. Or a padel player. Or . . . . just one of those things you learn to live with. Or is it? If you’ve got knee pain and you aren’t making progress perhaps there’s more to it? The whole body Everything in the body is connected.…

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7 tips to prevent back pain while driving

7 Tips to prevent back pain while driving

As August draws to a close many people are preparing to drive home again and long distance driving often results in back pain. Lowered, tipped back seats make the legs too straight, placing strain on the hamstrings, pelvis and lower back. The neck then tilts forward to look “straight ahead”. A recent survey found that male drivers tend to sit with legs fully extended straining the back muscles and women…

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Tennis Elbow - diagnosis is critical

Tennis Elbow – True or False

Tennis Elbow aka epicondylitis or epicondylagia is when the tendons (stringy bits that attach muscles to bones) on the outside of the elbow become damaged and irritated, usually caused by overuse. This translates to pain on the outside of the elbow because you have been doing a particular action repeatedly, common in tennis players but also seen in plasterers, painters, and anyone who’s job or hobby includes a repetitive action…

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Physiotherapy to treat back pain

Common Causes of Back Pain

There are many daily activities which can cause or aggravate back pain. Before you rush off to the doctor for pain medication or treatment try these simple tips to make your daily life more comfortable. I realise my accountant will disagree but I firmly believe that there’s a lot that we can do without treatment to reduce pain. TIP If back pain lasts longer than 24 hours always seek professional…

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Love yourself, love your health

Take Charge in 2015

In the run up to Christmas many of us put off dealing with niggling health issues or concerns – we don’t want bad news just before the holidays or we simply don’t have time to start anything that may take a while to resolve. So January becomes the time when we can finally do something. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to “lose weight” and “get fit” but perhaps…

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