The Mobiliser - simple, effective and convenient

The Mobiliser in your home?!

Many of you will have tried out our fabulous Mobiliser at the clinic as part of your treatment. For those wondering what on earth I’m on about it’s that big black bed in the other room that you lie on and it wiggles you about! Aha, bet you remember it now! If I haven’t introduced you then the simplest way to imagine it is . . . . this is…

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Summer Sandals 2017!

Summer Sandals 2017 are HERE!!

They are here!!! Finally we have stock at the clinic as well as an even bigger range that we can order specially. Vionic just get better and better every year that we work with them! If you’ve spotted something that you really really want then let Kat know asap so she can put one of her special stickie notes with your name on it. Or she can show you the…

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Learning about the importance of MOVEMENT

What I learnt at conference

One of the things I think is extremely important for any medical professional is constantly updating their skill set. My training in the RAF gave me a much wider and varied range of experience than many physios but that was, “ahem” a little while ago now and things have moved on a teeny bit! Medical Fashion Much of the way I was initially trained has come back into medical fashion…

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Depression and Chronic Pain - a chicken and egg scenario

Is your health getting you down?

The link between chronic pain and depression is one that is fairly obvious, in fact people with chronic lower back pain are 3 – 4 times more likely to suffer from major depression (Sullivan et al. 1992). If your pain means you can’t take part in your normal daily activities, golf, tennis or even moving about your house or the supermarket comfortably, then this brings you down even further (Williamson…

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Practise on crutches to be prepared after surgery

7 things you can do before Surgery to get a better result

While we’re all well aware of the need for rehabilitation and physiotherapy after surgery we don’t think about the preparations we need to make BEFORE surgery. Ask questions – Make sure you understand: what will happen at the hospital, the type of procedure you are having, how long you will be in hospital and who you will be seeing afterwards. the procedure is when you leave hospital and how you…

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Heel Strike vs Forefoot Running - which is best?

How important is how you run?

If you want to get active just run right? We all know how to do it don’t we? But is it that simple? Do we need lessons on how to run? Currently there is a big debate about running technique – the 2 main camps being heel vs toe (or barefoot) What’s the difference? A normal step: Heel contact Outer foot, using the arch Roll onto the toes push off…

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Top tips for things to do with a tennis ball!

Things to do with a tennis ball

For keen athletes, in an ideal world, every time you train you would do as the professionals do and see a physiotherapist to untangle any kinks. However in the real world we rarely have the time and resources to follow every ideal. So here are my 4 top tips and tricks for keeping you going even when you haven’t got a physio at home. 1. A tennis ball – A…

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Hip Dysplasia is 7 times more common in women

Hip dysplasia

A hip replacement is a fairly common procedure if you have arthritis in your hips. But what if it’s not that simple? The incorrect procedure can lead to long term issues and pain. Taking the time to get the right diagnosis is a critical part of choosing the correct procedure for you. Hip dysplasia is the most common cause of hip arthritis in young women but it is easy to…

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Leg Pain- ankle, knee, hip and back - all connected

Hip, Knee or Back?

Surgical precision – not only the precision of work when you are performing surgery, but precision in making the choice of where and how to operate.  Taking the time A 5 minute consultation is not enough. An MRI scan alone is not enough. Let’s say you come to me complaining of pain in your right knee. Now the simple thing for me to do is to listen to your brief…

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Dr Lepisto in the EWN

The Euro Weekly Introduces Dr Jyri Lepistö

A lovely full page spread from our long time colleagues at The Euro Weekly News – Costa del Sol to introduce my new colleague – Dr Jyri Lepistö.  Innovative, Integrated Surgery – Dr Jyri Lepistö Many Euro Weekly readers will be familiar with our long time collaborator, Estelle Mitchell, Clinical Director of the Bodyworks Clinic. However, there is now a new member of the team, Dr Jyri Lepistö, Orthopaedic Consultant. For…

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