Summer Sandals 2017!

Summer Sandals 2017 are HERE!!

They are here!!!

Finally we have stock at the clinic as well as an even bigger range that we can order specially. Vionic just get better and better every year that we work with them!

If you’ve spotted something that you really really want then let Kat know asap so she can put one of her special stickie notes with your name on it. Or she can show you the catalogue with more options if there’s nothing here that’s calling to you.

We may have spent a little longer than we should have going “ooooo shoes” when the delivery arrived!!!

And of course, each and every sandal has an in built orthotic with Vionic’s newest biomechanical innovation. Incorporating a deep heel cup, a contoured arch and 1st ray flexor technology these will correct and support flat and high arch feet and everything in between.

If it’s too hot to wear your shoes with your orthotics in them – wear these!


Vionic Islander Flip FlopsIslander Flip Flops

This simple flip flop has become an instant classic.

Now in more colours and materials than ever! In fact we even have ones with rhinestones over the band, a sports version or a rugged outdoors version.

Colours in stock – Gold Cork, Red, Black, White

Colours available to order – Gold Metallic, Pewter Metallic, Purple, Navy, Bronze Metallic.

Sizes – UK 3 – 9 / EU 36 – 43

Price – 60€

Vionic Floriana Flip FlopsFloriana Flip Flops

An upgrade on a standard flip flop. An intricate design with earthy stones in geometric shapes and gorgeously textured material.

Colours in stock – Teal Snake, Gold Cork

Colours available to order – Grey Snake, White, Bronze Croc, Black Croc

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 70€


Vionic Bella Flip FlopsBella Flip Flop

A gorgeously cute flip flop with a dainty bow detail.

Colours in stock – Pink

Colours available to order – White, Gold Cork, Pewter, Denim, Tortoise, Black

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 65€

Vionic Karina Flip FlopKarina

This stylish flip flop has adjustable straps for extra comfort and a bold metal ring detailing the vamp

Colours in stock – Black, Natural Snake, Raspberry Snake

Colours Available to order – Purple, Tortoise

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 70€

Vionic Nala T-Strap SandalNala

A chic T-strap sandal with geometric studs.

Plus that all important ankle strap so you can legally drive in them too.

Colours in stock – White, Black

Colours Available to order – Gold Cork, Red

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 70€


Vionic Capitola Flip Flop with heelCapitola

A sparkley studded flip flop with a heel!

This simple style incorporates Vionic’s new Elevated Support Footbed to keep you just as comfortable in heels. And WOW does it work!

This is a great model for patients with a high arch foot or ankle issues as it will make that tricky push off much easier with the heel.

Colours in stock – Navy, Black

Colours Available to order – White, Pewter

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 75€

Vionic Orchid Flip Flop with heelOrchid

An elevated take on the Karina Sandal, this stylish flip flop has adjustable straps for extra comfort and a bold metal ring detailing the vamp.

As this also incorporates Vionic’s Elevated Support Footbed it is also a great choice for high arch feet, or just the small ones like me who want a flip flop with a little .. . . elevation!

Colours in stock – Red, White, Black

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 80€

Vionic Laurie Wedge SandalsLaurie

This high heeled sandal has ankle straps and gorgeous leather-stacked wedge heel. Perfect for day, night and everything in between.

With the Elevated Support Footbed incorporated it will be as comfy when you take them off as when you put them on.

And I have to say, they look even better in person than they do in the photos.

Colours in stock – Tan, White Snake

Colours Available to order – Tan Leopard, Black

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 80€

Vionic Harlow Heeled SandalHarlow

Now I’m told by those who know better than me that this is a gladiator sandal! Personally I call it a funky smart or evening shoe with a heel that I can actually walk in. In fact it is so comfy that I have been persuaded to wear it for work events!

So if you do have to wear heels to work (insert feminist sentiment here?) the Vionic Elevated Support Footbed means that you can actually get through the day in comfort and style. And with my approval!

Colours in stock – Black

Colours Available to order – Caramel

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 85€

Vionic Valeri EspadrilleValeri

The espadrille! A summer classic but usually SO uncomfortable. These look just like the real thing but have all that lovely soft comfort that means you actually want to wear them.

There’s also a very similar solid colour version with laces that I’m eyeing up for our next order . . . .

Colours in stock – Coral Stripe, Navy Stripe, Sand Stripe

Colours Available to order – Black

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 60€

Vionic Minna Ballet FlatsMinna

To be honest, I am undecided which I am more against – too high heels or utterly flat ballet flats. Both are completely lacking in support!

So when I saw cute ballet flat style shows WITH good foot support . . . well I had to make sure we had them!

There are also some shiny metallic ones and some loafers that we’re thinking about for next time . . .

Colours in stock – Light Tan

Colours Available to order – Natural Snake, Grey Snake, Navy Snake, Black

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 70€

Vionic Fyn TrainerFyn

And a trainer! Yes, yes, I know, it’s super easy to get your regular orthotic into your trainers. In fact its the only shoe they fit in!

But, they had gorgeous navy blue ones which match my uniform (which are SO hard to find!). And then Kat wanted some black ones . . .  And I have to admit, just for the summer, I was feeling a little lazy about moving my orthotics from shoe to shoe.

So, if you too are feeling lazy and want a nice, lightweight trainer with a good insole built in, maybe give these a try.

They also have 3 other styles of trainers if you don’t like my style (I won’t be offended, promise!)

Colours in stock – Black, Navy

Colours Available to order – Coral, Light Grey

Sizes – UK 3 – 8 / EU 36 – 42

Price – 85€

Vionic Islander Mes Flip FlopMen’s Islander

Our staple for every year – a simple flip flop with a fabric strap. Please try these rather than your Hawaiian plastic ones!! I reckon you might be surprised how comfy they are.

And they’re just fine if you get them wet – we’ve tested them extensively!

Colours in stock – Black, Camo

Colours Available to order – Dark Brown

Sizes – UK 6 – 12 / EU 40 – 46

Price – 60€

Vionic Ngage Mens TrainerMen’s Ngage Trainer

A good bet for those chaps who don’t want to bare their feet in flip flops even in the summer. A  light weight mesh material with great support. Perfect for days when you’re too lazy to put your orthotics in!

We also have another style if you’d rather look at those.

Colours in stock – Black, Cobalt

Colours Available to order – Red, Grey Orange

Sizes – UK 6 – 12 / EU 40 – 46

Price – 90€

We can also order any style in the catalogue so it’s worth popping in for a chat with Kat in the morning or else drop her an email and she will do her best to sort you out!

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