HealthMe medical translation and booking for Bodyworks Members

HealthMe – Membership Benefits

One of the services that we are most excited about being able to offer to our members comes from our collaboration with HealthMe.es Over the last 15 years we have seen and heard many first hand experiences from our patients about accessing healthcare on the Costa del Sol. We’ve heard the combinations of praise for high quality services and care combined with the frustrations. And we’ve always tried our best…

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Carpal Tunnel Seminar at Bodyworks with Specialist Estelle Mitchell

Carpal Tunnel Seminar

We had a stunning reception to our FREE Foot Pain Seminar last week. So this week’s topic is another one of my personal favourites – Carpal Tunnel!! Wednesday 2 October – 11.30 I have written and written about this topic over the last decade. The Carpal Tunnel / RSI phenomenon that has occurred over the last 20 years, often blamed on computers and our changing work habits. Now I’m going…

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