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Are you in control of your life?

Today we have a guest post from our Life, Mental and Business Coach Joris Plu talking about how to take back control of your life and smooth the obstacles in your path. Take it away Joris! 

Joris Plu - Life, Mental and Business Coach at Bodyworks

Joris Plu – Life, Mental and Business Coach at Bodyworks

Welcome! I am so pleased to have this opportunity to discuss something that comes up regularly with my clients. It’s an important mental shift, the first step to a smoother path through life.

Are you in control of your life?

It is easy to think you aren’t – to say that someone else is. Your boss, your spouse, your kids, the government . . . .  But perhaps you have more control than you think?

Hectic lives

Modern lives are hectic. Too much information, constant information. Our minds struggle to process the storm of information. We get overloaded, lose our impulse control, our brain works overtime.

And it’s not just our professional lives that are intense – our personal lives are busy, busy too!

“Hi, how are you, it’s been awhile!”

“Hi, I’m good, busy . . .”

“Oh, us too!”

It’s an automatic answer now – but is it a good one?

Recharge the batteries

When was the last time you got a full night’s sleep? And before that? I doubt it was last night and the night before that.

We don’t give ourselves time in our schedule to really sleep, to get solid REM rest to recharge our batteries and reset.

We lie in bed anxious and thinking, remembering all the things we were too busy to do. All the things we should have done differently, planning all the busy things for tomorrow.

So our batteries only charge 80%. And we feel frustrated and less than successful because we are just too tired to manage the intensity of our lives.

Smoothing the path

So how do you start?

We must relearn how to pause the chaotic, worried thoughts.

Reprioritise taking care of ourselves.

Learn how to step away from the busy, information overload so that we have the mental space to do the things that truly matter to YOU.

Support on the path

It can feel scary and overwhelming to ask for help. One more appointment to cram into your overloaded schedule. One more thing to juggle into the calendar.

But that time spent refocusing, relearning, reprioritising can help to clear your schedule.

Give you back the time to do the things you miss and take back control of your life.

Smooth out the obstacles that are preventing you from being your fully charged, best self.

If you are ready to take the next step and would like my help please do not hesitate to contact me or book an appointment. I’m here to help.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day,

Joris Plu

Life, Mental and Business Coach

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