predicting the future with gait analysis

Bunions – predicting the future

“I have a vision . . . . a vision of your future . . . . . it’s a pain free future . . . . . ”

Yes, yes, I know, it’s an old joke that I can predict your future with gait analysis. The studies show that it can predict your outcome after hip replacement surgery and now it turns out that it can predict your injury risk and knee pain.

As I explained before a bunion occurs when there is excess pressure on the big toe or hallux. When the pressure is sufficient it starts to deform the joint creating a hallux valgus or bunion (literally, the big toe moving away from the midline or bent big toe – gotta love how a bit of latin makes you sound smart right?!).

How does this affect my future?

Well recent research shows that even a small deviation of the big toe from the midline can have a big impact on postural stability.

So why does that matter? Well if your body is unstable it means:

  1. You’re more likely to fall and injure yourself
  2. That different parts are having to work overtime to compensate – which means they will get tired and painful much faster

So to prevent injury and long term pain – fix the foot.

Keep that big toe on the straight and narrow and your whole body will be more stable. Simple right?

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