Hearing Aids keep you out of hospital

Hearing aids keep you out of hospital?

I love working with passionate people – I learn so much! And Peter, our audiologist is really passionate about what he does.

Obviously I come at things from a physical, muscloskeletal point of view (would be in the wrong profession if I didn’t right?) but it is fascinating to see things from his point of view as hearing is one of our key senses. So what happens when one of your 5 senses stops working as well?

Losing a key sense

The answer is all kinds of things! We wouldn’t accept bad eyesight, we’d get glasses. So why are we so worried about getting “glasses” for other parts of our body like our ears? (or feet? see, there I go again!)

A new study published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery showed some fascinating data:

1,336 adults aged 65-85 with a hearing loss – only 45% wore a hearing aid.

Those who wore a hearing aid:

  • were less likely to go to hospital
  • had shorter stays in hospital
  • had lower rates of diabetes and heart disease (this isn’t directly related, just interesting – if you wear a hearing aid are you taking better care of yourself?)
  • were better off (it’s easier to work successfully if you can hear what people are saying!)
  • were happier

Making sense

Like so much else hearing aid technology has moved on, they’ve got smaller, better and more personalised. So stop losing your senses – get a free hearing check with Peter today.

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